Nokia and EEG launch mobile recycling campaign

With the unprecedented growth in mobile sales, Nokia Markets Middle East and Africa in collaboration with Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) once again joined hands in a mobile recycling campaign. Now on its 3rd phase of project implementation, the campaign reaches new heights as the program extends its reach to a greater number of target participants from the various sectors of the UAE community.

The Borrow-A-Bin scheme shall be once again rolled out among EEG’s corporate members where recycling bins shall be placed in the participating organization’s premises for a week to provide facility for the employees to take part in the campaign.

A total of 10 dialogue sessions with 10 selected schools are also in pipeline for 2011. The dialogue shall highlight the discussions on environmental significance of mobile recycling, the process flow of recycling and all other related and timely topics. With EEG spearheading the project implementation and Nokia providing the technical expertise on the issues relating to recycling, the success of the dialogue in engaging the academic institutions to take active part in the mobile recycling campaign is highly anticipated.

“Another beautiful addition to the campaign is the scheme to translate mobile phone into trees. It is a project whereby all participating organizations and individuals shall have the chance to join EEG in the 11/11/11 celebration on 11 November 2011 through planting trees under their respective names. All participating organizations and academic institutions that are able to collect and deposit a minimum of 100 mobile phones for recycling until 01 September 2011 shall be qualified to join the tree planting event. For individual participants, the qualifying amount of collection is 25 mobile phones”, said Habiba Al Marashi, EEG Chairperson.

Nokia runs the world’s largest voluntary mobile phone take back scheme for responsible recycling, with 5000 collection points in more than 85 countries and accepts all brands of phones for recycling.

Ulrike Vott, Nokia Markets Sustainability Manager Middle East, said, “We are excited about our collaboration with Emirates Environmental Group. The initiative has been developed jointly with EEG to complement Nokia’s permanent take-back scheme in Nokia Care points across the United Arab Emirates. The initiative includes educating the young generation as well as facilitating easy access to mobile phone recycling by delivering the scheme directly to companies and institutions.”