Jawad Al Redha to head Business Software Alliance

Jawad Al Redha

Business Software Alliance (BSA), appointed Jawad Al Redha to the post of Chair. Jawad comes with a wealth of experience in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and intellectual production in the Arab world. He has associated with BSA for a long time and has been quiet supportive to the issue of IPR as part of his earlier roles at BSA and he will continue to do so in his new role as Chair.

Commenting on his appointment, Al Redha said, “It has been a challenging yet highly rewarding journey for me at the BSA, and in my new role I look forward to continue making valuable contributions to our work in the region. The BSA, with the support of governments and authorities, is working to protect intellectual property and ensure sustained growth of the regional economies. We have made significant strides in the fight against piracy and violation of intellectual property rights, but are well aware that there are still significant challenges ahead..”

His role at the BSA includes ensuring ongoing communication and assistance between the regional BSA committee and regional governments, and between BSA member companies with regards to software copyright implementation, training programs and public awareness campaigns.