Avnet marks 50 Years on NYSE

Avnet will become one of the only few companies in the history of NYSE  to complete 50-years, since its listing on NYSE in December 30, 1960.  Ever since, Avnet has worked to create and sustain a culture that centers on profitable growth, operational excellence, people development and shareholder value creation.

This has held true even as the company evolved from a diversified conglomerate to a focused technology distributor that is a global leader in its industry. It was not too long ago that Avnet sold decanters and musical instruments, among a wide range of other products.

“Avnet’s ability to sustain its performance and transform itself to meet the changing demands of the market over the past 50 years is remarkable,” said Larry Leibowitz, Chief Operating Officer, NYSE Euronext. “The company’s staying power, adaptability and growth are accomplishments that deserve great admiration, and we are grateful for our long-lasting partnership.”

Avnet’s history stretches far past 50 years. The company was founded in 1921 when Charles Avnet began selling radio parts in New York City. From 1921 to 2010, Avnet has weathered the Great Depression, WWII, Y2K and most recently, the Great Recession. Avnet has been not only able to evolve and adapt over the years, but also emerge from economic downturns stronger than ever before. Avnet’s financial strength, global scale and scope and market leadership give its customers and suppliers complete confidence to partner with Avnet and invest in long-term, shared growth opportunities. Avnet generated record-breaking revenue results for the 2010 fiscal year with a recorded $19.16 billion and earnings per share of $2.68.

More about Avnet and details about its journey so far is available on @AvnetComms on Twitter and Avnet on Facebook for daily updates.