Zimbabwe's DSC invests in Xerox's ColorQube

Xerox ColorQube

Bytes Document Solutions, authorised Xerox distributor to 27 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, has sold the first Xerox ColorQube 9200 Series multifunction printer in Africa to Document Support Centre (DSC), a digital print and copy centre in Harare.

As the world’s first high-speed A3 solid ink multifunction printer, the ColorQube is designed to lower printing costs while improving speed and volume, without compromising image quality or performance.

The ColorQube’s use of Xerox’s proprietary solid ink technology and clean-sheet design for faster speed and higher print volumes not only dramatically reduces the cost of colour compared to laser printing, but vastly reduces the environmental impact of office printing.

DSC is the exclusive Xerox distributor in Zimbabwe, and anticipates the ColorQube will play a considerable role in growing the company’s market share in the country.
The company took delivery of the printer in May, and the machine completed its first job of printing colour letterheads within days of arrival.

“The ColorQube’s ability to lower the cost of colour printing while not compromising on quality was the factor that clinched our purchase decision,” says DSC MD Stephen Mhunduru.

Launched internationally in 2009, the ColorQube 9200 Series has already achieved awards for its groundbreaking technology, effective printing cost reductions, its ease of use and environmental benefits.

The printer’s cartridge-free design uses non-toxic, crayon-like ink sticks and generates 90% less supplies waste than comparable colour laser printers. It also minimises the effects of manufacturing and transportation on the environment.

Its ability to produce excellent image quality and vibrant colours on a wide range of stocks, particularly recycled and economy paper, was particularly attractive for DSC.

“The new technology has also enabled us to make the switch to recycled paper to help meet our company’s sustainability initiatives without sacrificing quality,” says Mhunduru.

Coenraad Ackerman, manager for Africa operations in the Xerox division of Bytes Document Solutions, says DSC’s purchase of the high-speed A3 solid ink multifunction printer will give the company a significant advantage over its competitors, not only by increasing its service offering, but by providing a more cost-effective process of providing consistently high colour quality.