MobiFactory expands its products into African markets


Mobiserve Holding, a leader in turnkey telecommunication infrastructure solutions and engineering services, announced that Mobifactory, its manufacturing unit is actively targeting African markets.

The Cairo based manufacturing unit will manufacture towers and shelters to support mobile operators in East Africa, a market set to double its subscriber base to 167 million over the next four years, as well as provide its products and services to other African countries.

The expansion reflects the growing success achieved by MobiFactory to date and is in line with the Holding Group’s overall expansion plans.

MobiFactory has been a leading supplier for the Middle East’s foremost telecom operators in Egypt and Africa since 2005 including Mobinil, Etisalat, and Telecel Globe. Its two main production lines include steel structures and sandwich panels which are used to build telecom shelters. The steel structure line specializes in the manufacture of a broad range of telecom towers including rooftop and greenfield towers from 9 meters up to 80 meters.

Its sandwich panel line produces quality telecom shelters designed to accommodate any type of outdoor telecom equipment and is adaptable to any outdoor climate. MobiFactory shelters enable telecom operators to quickly and cost-effectively install cellular base stations on both rooftops and green field locations due to their light weight, modular construction.

In addition to towers and shelters, MobiFactory also produces a variety of site accessories requested for telecom installations such as fences, gates and any other requested components.

In East Africa, where the company has recently established a hub in Kenya, it seeks to capitalize on subscriber growth, which is set to increase by 95% over the next four years, led by countries such as Kenya and Tanzania as they begin serving East African countries Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Burundi.

Sameh Atalla, Mobiserve CEO says: “Customer demand is certainly one of the key factors behind our expansion. In just a few short years, MobiFactory has emerged as one of the leading suppliers for Middle East and African telecom operators, renowned for its high quality production and extensive range of telecom towers and shelters.”

“And as MobiFactory expands into East Africa, it will be well positioned to serve East African operators by providing essential infrastructure for cellular base stations , thus enabling operators to rapidly roll out services to customers,” concludes Atalla.