Toshiba intros new notebook

As Toshiba celebrates the 25th anniversary of the world’s first mass-market laptop, the Toshiba T1100, the vendor has used this milestone in computing history by announcing three new products.

These include the lightest and thinnest, full-function 13-inch laptop, an Android-based mobile internet device, and a limited edition dual-screen Windows device. This announcement marks a significant milestone in Toshiba’s ever-expanding list of product innovation.

Since the launch of the world’s first mass-market laptop computer, the Toshiba T1100, April 1985, Toshiba has remained a true pioneer in the development of mobile computing.

“Since that time we have proven again and again our drive to achieve leadership in technology, miniaturisation and usability. It’s not only an integral part of Toshiba’s DNA, but the way forward in mobile computing” said Sandor van der Ham, GM, Computer Systems Group, Toshiba emerging markets EMEA.

Van der Ham added that for 25 years, Toshiba’s engineers have successfully used their expertise to pioneer mobile computing devices which are designed to meet users’ needs: Toshiba has sold more than 90 million laptops since 1985. “We’re now on course to raise that to 100 million worldwide within the year,” said van der Ham.

He added that what started 25 years ago with one new device category has grown to a diversified market. “We believe that diversification is the key building block to achieve broad user acceptance”, said van der Ham.

Toshiba fuels this trend with these new devices, all designed to meet very specific user needs: “While clamshell laptops with 15-inch and larger displays will remain the primary device for content creation, there will be a growing market opportunity for innovative, smaller form factors with the smart companion AC100 and the dual-screen Libretto W100 Limited Edition as examples,” said van der Ham