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Thuraya signs an agreement with Ericsson

Subha Bhargavi
Thuraya has signed an agreement with Ericsson for a core network modernization and upgrade to a 4G and 5G ready infrastructure. Ericsson will modernize and optimize Thuraya’s network to a virtualized core that supports existing and new features and services in the future. The deal will ensure that Thuraya

Thuraya opens new doors to go indoor

The Channel Post Staff
Thuraya, the international mobile satellite services operator, unveiled a specialised suite of solutions aimed at offering all the functionality of satellite communication, indoors. Banishing the myth that satellite communications are an outdoor offering, Thuraya's range of products is specifically designed for indoor use. Compatible with Thuraya XT, the world's toughest satellite handheld, the portfolio includes a Fixed Docking Unit (FDU), Fixed Phone and Indoor Repeaters. Built in consideration of Thuraya's key market segments: government, oil and gas, mining, construction, NGOs and maritime, the holistic offerings allow instant set-up of remote offices in areas where there is little or no terrestrial coverage.
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