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How cybercriminals exploit the trust between organizations

Subha Bhargavi
In recent years, the supply chain has been one of the main targets for cybercriminals. Although this trend is down to a number of factors, one of the most important is, undoubtedly, the cyber pandemic. It is clear that COVID-19 has transformed the modern enterprise, pushing many towards remote working and cloud adoption when they […]

Uber Paid Hackers to Cover-Up of Data Breach

Uber is coming clean about its cover-up of a year-old hacking attack that stole personal information about more than 57 million of the beleaguered ride-hailing service’s customers and drivers. So far, there’s no evidence that the data taken has been misused, according to a Tuesday blog post by Uber’s recently hired CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi. Part […]
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