SAS and Middlesex University Dubai Explore Predictive Analytics

SAS, the leader in analytics, and Middlesex University Dubai have successfully organized the ‘SAS Forecasting Masterclass & Hackathon’. The three-day conclave at the university campus provided attendees with an exclusive opportunity to delve into the intersection of art and science in predictive analytics.

The SAS Forecasting Masterclass & Hackathon demonstrated the depths of large-scale forecasting and guided working professionals at the forefront of analytics and data science, demand planners and analysts, along with postgraduate students through the ‘What,’ ‘Why,’ ‘How,’ and ‘What’s Next’ of generating actionable insights in diverse fields. From banking, oil & gas and government, to retail and healthcare, participants explored a multitude of real-world applications, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities in forecasting.

Engaging sessions led by industry experts and SAS D[n]A Factory expert offered insights into successful SAS Forecasting deployments, as well as guidance on time series and machine learning forecasting techniques. Taking an industry-focused approach, these talks highlighted the strategic advantages that predictive analytics bring to the table. Among the most motivating regional examples, Emirates Health Services (EHS) shared with participants the organization’s remarkable accomplishments with SAS on forecasting during the COVID pandemic and beyond.

Dr Krishnadas Nanath, Deputy Head (CEI) & Founder of Insights Lab said, “It was an incredible platform for analytics enthusiasts to experience a seamless blend of theoretical insights and practical industry applications. Esteemed experts like Prof. Ajit Karnik elucidated the theoretical foundations, while SAS offered an in-depth exploration of real-world industry applications. At the Middlesex Dubai Insights Lab, our mission is to enhance the skills of not only our students but the entire analytics community in the region. By organizing such dynamic hackathons and workshops, we are committed to staying ahead of market trends. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with SAS to further strengthen this community and foster continual growth and innovation.”

The three-day workshop wrapped up with a forecasting hackathon, where attendees were invited to put their new skills into practice in a day of competitive forecasting, tackling real datasets and scenarios. SAS Viya, the high-performance AI and analytics platform which includes all the capabilities of SAS Visual Forecasting, was their most valuable ally in this quest.

Badshah Mukherjee, SAS D[n]A Factory Technology Head, SAS Middle East said, “The rise of new and advanced forecasting technologies demands new skills. SAS strives to meet that demand by helping people skill-up to take advantage of the incredible capabilities that our cutting-edge SAS Visual Forecasting Software offers. Together with Middlesex University Dubai, we created a three-day experience that moved beyond the realm of theory to showcase how SAS Viya can provide answers to real-world business challenges.”

The SAS Forecasting Masterclass & Hackathon additionally offered participants the chance to connect with SAS experts, industry peers, and leading professionals from various sectors. In recognition of their active engagement and the essential skills they acquired in forecasting, all participants received a Digital Badge by SAS. This industry-respected badge serves to strengthen their professional profile within the data science community.