ZOTAC To Unveil New Gaming and AI Computing Solutions at COMPUTEX

ZOTAC will return to COMPUTEX 2024 to unveil its first attempt at creating a unique Handheld Gaming PC with advanced controls and features, allowing gamers to enjoy their favourite games on the go like never before with maximum competitive advantage.

Also in ZOTAC’s extensive lineup is a full-fledged selection of AI-focused computational hardware, including a new workstation-grade External GPU Box series for hassle-free GPU compute and AI acceleration, ZBOX mini PCs powered by Intel Core Ultra CPUs equipped with integrated neural processing units (NPU), as well as other enterprise-grade solutions, such as GPU Servers and Arm-based NVIDIA Jetson systems, offering users a broad selection of AI accelerators in applications big and small.


Portable Handheld PC for Gaming Enthusiasts
At the forefront of ZOTAC’s presence at COMPUTEX 2024 will be the unveiling of ZOTAC GAMING’s brand new ZONE handheld, a high-performance portable PC designed from the ground up with quality controls and top-end specs, such as a beautiful 7” AMOLED multi-touch high-refresh Display for crisp and smooth visuals and 2-stage adjustable triggers so gamers can bring their A game on the go.

“Ever since the establishment of the ZOTAC GAMING brand, we have strived to provide an unmatched gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide,” Said Tony Wong, Chief Executive Officer of ZOTAC. “We have made considerable efforts to raise the bar with our debut handheld, tailor-made with competitive features for all gamers.”

Leveraging ZOTAC GAMING’s passion for creating premium experiences and ZOTAC’s expertise in creating small and compact computing devices, this product marks the brand’s venture into an exciting category of products imbued with the brand’s pure pursuit to elevate the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Visitors will be able to experience the thrills of gaming on the ZONE first-hand with functional prototypes of the design, as well as learn the design process of the device.

ZOTAC also displays its entire range of AI-oriented computing solutions at Computex 2024. From Graphics Cards to whole systems, and from power-efficient NVIDIA Jetson edge AI system-on-modules to high-performance 10GPU HPC servers, the full lineup of ZOTAC’s computing solutions catalogue showcases that the company is ready to cater to the increasing demands for AI power and an ever-changing digital landscape.

Graphics Cards
The ZOTAC GAMING Graphics Card selection includes the latest GeForce RTX 40 Series and RTX 40 SUPER Series GPUs. Thanks to their unique AIRO (Air Optimized) design, these GPUs have enhanced thermal capabilities and aesthetics, making them suitable for longer, sustained workloads.

In the booth, ZOTAC will also have an extended demo section with various RTX-accelerated AI demos to showcase how these GPUs can enhance gaming, productivity, and creative workflows. Experience the future of gaming where non-player characters (NPC) are powered by AI, experiment with generative images, interact with a personalizable AI-powered chatbot, and game with full ray tracing and DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction made possible by AI.

ZBOX External GPU Box (EGB) Series
Also on the show floor will be another one of ZOTAC’s new product lines. Winner of the 2024 Best Choice Award, the ZBOX EGB Series is equipped with a workstation-grade NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation GPU to accelerate compute and AI performance on Thunderbolt 3-compatible devices, providing a portable solution for graphical work, rendering, AI inference, and beyond. The compact, transportable, and wide compatibility of the EGB series also gives small to mid-sized teams the benefit of cost efficiency, allowing GPU power to be shared on-demand, minimizing idle GPU time.

ZBOX PRO Embedded Solutions
There will also be a range of conventional mini PCs, NVIDIA Jetson ARM-based models, and Embedded MXM GPU modules, all of which offer extended product availability that is crucial for long-term development and life cycles of industrial-grade hardware with robust exteriors. They also feature an integrated hardware watchdog that is not available in off-the-shelf options.

GPU Servers
The newly introduced ZOTAC Enterprise GPU Servers will also appear in the ZOTAC COMPUTEX 2024 lineup. This includes the ZOTAC BOLT Workstation series, which can house up to 2 GPUs and 2 5th Generation Intel Xeon Processors in a tower form factor, and our 4U Rack Server, which supports up to 10 GPUs for High-Performance Computing needed for AI training and fine-tuning.

ZBOX powered by Intel Core Ultra
ZOTAC’s booth will also spotlight its bestselling ZBOX mini PCs, which are equipped with cutting-edge Intel Core Ultra processors featuring integrated NPUs for efficient AI workload offloading, making these ZBOXs perfect for sustained AI workloads in extended periods. ZBOX models like the MI672 and CI671 nano are not only compact but are also capable of running Generative AI applications like Stable Diffusion, which will be showcased live during the exhibition through ZOTAC’s AI Express installer.

Aside from ultra-compact mini PCs, ZOTAC also offers an array of high-performance, premium small-form-factor PCs for more graphically intensive applications such as content creation and gaming. These include the best-selling MAGNUS ONE and MAGNUS EN series, which boast GeForce RTX 40 Series discrete GPUs on top of 14th-gen Intel Core i7 Processors for maximum performance in compact form factors.

Healthcare Series
Lastly, ZOTAC’s booth will include the newly established Healthcare series, powered with an NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation professional GPU and up to an Intel Core i9 processor in an all-white enclosure and EN60601-1 certification required for medical electronic devices. The rest of ZOTAC’s white-themed ZBOX models will also be displayed along with the Healthcare Series PC.

Experience ZOTAC’s innovative and proven designs in person at Booth No. N0507a, 4/F, NANGANG Exhibition Hall, from June 4, 2024 to June 7, 2024.