Schneider Electric Signs MoU With Petra Engineering Industries

Schneider Electric has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Petra Engineering Industries, a leading HVAC equipment manufacturer, to accelerate the digital transformation in Jordan. The partnership is poised to promote sustainability, enhance energy efficiency and integrate AI solutions into HVAC control systems, demonstrating Schneider Electric’s commitment to supporting Jordan’s vision and boosting business for partners in the Jordanian market. This follows the relocation of Schneider Electric’s Levant operational hub to Amman.

In the presence of Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa & Levant, the MoU was signed by Mohamed Samy, General Manager of the Levant Countries and Iraq at Schneider Electric, and Eng. Omar Abu Wishah, Vice Chairman of Petra Engineering Industries, at Petra’s Muaqqar factory, with the participation of Eng. Mohammad Laham, Electrical Design and

Control Manager at Petra Engineering Industries. Following the signing, Schneider Electric’s delegation toured the factory to learn more about the cutting-edge manufacturing technologies deployed at the factory.

This MoU marks a significant milestone for Schneider Electric, as the first-of-its-kind partnership in Jordan, paving the way for mutual cooperation with Petra Engineering Industries in various fields. Potential areas of cooperation include data centers, Building Management Systems (BMS), Power Panel MCC solutions, integrating AI solutions in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy management solutions. Through this partnership, Schneider Electric and Petra Engineering Industries will explore opportunities to leverage Petra’s capabilities as an OEM manufacturer to advance sustainability and ensure energy efficiency in various sectors across Levant markets.

Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa & Levant, commented on the partnership with Petra Engineering Industries saying: “We are thrilled to join forces with Petra Engineering Industries and we look forward to achieving our joint objectives to increase energy efficiency and drive digital transformation. Jordan is a significant market that has exponential growth and expansion opportunities. This partnership embodies a number of our six long-term sustainability commitments, such as acting for a climate-positive world, ensuring efficiency of resources, and strengthening local partnerships. We look forward to further expansion and growth in the Jordanian market.”

According to the Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the buildings sector, specifically residential and public buildings, accounts for 48% of total electricity consumption in Jordan across all sectors, making it the highest in consumption The strategic partnership between Schneider Electric and Petra Engineering Industries is set to deliver innovative solutions that address this challenge and enhance energy efficiency.

Omar Abu Wishah, Vice Chairman of Petra Engineering Industries, stated: “We recognize the importance of keeping pace with the global trends in energy management and automation. We believe that our partnership with Schneider Electric will enable us to leverage its extensive global expertise and advanced technologies to provide innovative solutions that best meet the needs of our customers, thus contributing to advancing economic development. We are committed to working together to achieve the goals of this partnership and strengthen our position in the Jordanian and global markets. We are fully aware of our responsibility towards quality and the environment and our commitment to providing a stable product that has a reduced environmental impact through activities, design, production, and services for its products. This partnership will help us strengthen our commitment to global sustainability standards and provide environmentally friendly products that cater to the demands of our customers.”

On his part, Mohamed Samy, General Manager of the Levant Countries and Iraq at Schneider Electric, said: “We have been present in Jordan for 20 years and we take pride in the cooperation we have achieved with public and private sectors in various strategic projects. We are confident that our partnership with Petra Engineering Industries will reinforce and expand our footprint in the local market, supported by the relocation of our operational hub for the Levant region to Amman, accelerate digital transformation, maximize the use of technology and AI, upskill the technical calibers and drive more local partnerships in an endeavor to support Jordan’s objectives in sustainability and economic development.”

Petra Engineering Industries, headquartered in Muaqqar, South Amman, is one of the largest Jordanian companies specialized in HVAC manufacturing, with its products exported to 50 markets worldwide.

Schneider Electric is dedicated to achieving sustainable development goals, advancing decarbonization efforts, accelerating transition to renewable energy, and offering eco-friendly solutions for customers. Schneider Electric collaborates with a wide network of strategic partners to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions in energy management and automation, which contribute to enhancing the operational efficiency of facilities and production assets. The company aims to drive economic growth and provide innovative solutions to promote energy efficiency, while fostering economic integration through knowledge and technology exchange to address climate change and environmental concerns.

This aligns with Jordan’s commitment to enhancing energy efficiency, especially in the buildings sector.