ESET Included Among The Notable Vendors in Mobile Threat Defense Report

ESET announced that it has been included in Forrester’s Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Solutions Landscape report, Q1 2024. Forrester provides an overview of 16 vendors in the field, including ESET, which, in our opinion, makes ESET a valuable player in this established market.

The importance of mobile malware protection is highlighted in Forrester’s MTD Solutions Landscape report, which states: “Mobile devices are just as vulnerable to attacks as traditional endpoints like laptops and servers, whether through malicious applications, operating system (OS) vulnerabilities, phishing through messaging applications unique to mobile devices, or web-based attacks.” The report also emphasizes the comprehensive capabilities of MTD solutions designed to protect mobile devices with a level of rigour traditionally reserved for enterprises.

This inclusion comes shortly after the successful launch of the ESET’s Mobile Threat Defense module, a testament to ESET’s commitment to advancing mobile security. The module integrates seamlessly with the ESET PROTECT Platform, ensures comprehensive coverage of the mobile fleet attack vector with a one-to-one ratio to endpoints, and is included in all cloud subscription tiers starting from ESET PROTECT Advanced with no increase in price. This integration ensures unified security management and eliminates the need to juggle multiple consoles or platforms.

“The recognition in Forrester’s MTD Solutions Landscape report underscores for us the necessity of robust mobile threat defense in today’s security ecosystem,” explained Jakub Debski, Chief Product Officer at ESET. “With remote work expanding the scope of corporate networks, mobile devices have become prime targets for attackers. Our Mobile Threat Defense module not only addresses traditional threats but also adapts to the unique characteristics and challenges of mobile platforms, offering a solution that is both comprehensive and compliant with the evolving market needs.”

The report outlines three core and five extended use cases that underline the critical focus areas for organizations looking to strengthen their mobile security. Support for remote work, bring your own device policies, and mobile app security has been identified as core use cases, which are primary buyer expectations. Beyond these, the analysts have noted extended use cases like compliance assurance, contractor security, executive protection, and Zero Trust endpoint security. While not all MTD solutions cover these extended areas, they represent growing buyer interests alongside the core functionalities. ESET self-reported the extended use cases of compliance assurance, executive protection, and mobile knowledge worker as the top use cases for which clients select them.

For more information about ESET and its recently launched ESET Mobile Threat Defense module, please read here. The full report is available to Forrester clients with a valid subscription or for purchase.