HID To Showcase Innovations In Physical Access Control & Secure Identity Issuance At Intersec Dubai

HID will showcase its latest innovations in physical access control and secure identity issuance at Intersec Dubai, Jan. 16–18, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, at Booth S3-D17.

HID’s trusted identities solutions showcased at the booth will include:

Access control in a mobile-first world:  HID Mobile AccessTechnology — a pioneering access control solution that allows organisations to meet the growing demands of a mobile-first world. Mobile access eliminates reliance on physical cards or badges, supports multiple security protocols and adds layers of security on top of basic card encryption, making it more secure than traditional physical access control. Any iOS or Android device can be used, making it more efficient to manage and use.

Digital IDs and digital wallets: The access control industry is leveraging the convenience and security features of digital wallets to integrate them with employee badges, which can be stored in digital wallets to allow access to doors, elevators, turnstiles, printers and more.

Reliable hardware performance: HID Signo Readers has built-in support for HID Mobile Access. These advanced readers natively support more than 15 credential technologies and are OSDP verified by the Security Industry Association (SIA). Signo Readers can reduce energy consumption by up to 43% when in an idle state.

Robust and sustainable credential technology — A highly secure app-based credential technology that features advanced Seos encryption and which can be deployed on a physical card or virtually using a smartphone. The most recent release includes Seos Bamboo Eco credentials, made from sustainably sourced bamboo instead of PVC. These cards also support organisations seeking green building certifications.

Secure, Streamlined and Personalised Issuance: with HID FARGO Connect — The industry’s first cloud-native card issuance platform makes it possible to simplify complexities, reduce costs and bring together all the elements of a secure card issuance program into a centralised and integrated system. The solution allows for the building of new card templates that can be shared across the system with an integrated, web-based card designer. This saves valuable time, reduces errors and increases throughput.

Through exhibited products, HID will demonstrate its dedication to developing more sustainable solutions and how product lifecycle and environmental impact considerations are central to the design of every HID solution — many of which are GreenCircle® Certified for their energy-saving and other eco-friendly attributes.

“Security and sustainability are our No. 1 priority,” said Gustavo Gassmann, VP or Emerging Markets at HID. “As we unveil our latest innovations at Intersec Dubai, HID will demonstrate how we continue to lead the way in providing the foundational elements for security professionals in the region to success in their digital transformation and protocols.”