Risk Associates Bahrain Partners With National Security Services Group

Risk Associates Bahrain has announced a strategic partnership with Omani cybersecurity entity, National Security Services Group (NSSG). As the first local company to offer PCI DSS Audit compliance services, NSSG is set to revolutionize cybersecurity in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector.

Leveraging the combined expertise of NSSG and Risk Associates Bahrain, this partnership opens doors to cutting-edge solutions and advanced strategies, addressing the ever-evolving cyber threats faced by businesses in Oman. Notably, the collaboration aligns seamlessly with the regulatory standards set by the Central Bank of Oman, ensuring robust cybersecurity compliance.

Stay ahead of the curve with NSSGs & Risk Associates PCI DSS Audit compliance services, designed to meet the latest standards and the stringent regulations of the Central Bank of Oman. Our comprehensive approach includes heightened security controls, improved compliance activities, updated password requirements, and rigorous testing procedures.

“We are thrilled to join hands with NSSG in this strategic partnership. In an era where cybersecurity challenges are ever-evolving, collaboration is key. Together, we are better equipped to address the dynamic cybersecurity landscape, offering our clients the highest standards of protection and resilience,” remarked Mr. Redha Radhi, General Manager at Risk Associates Bahrain

“This historic collaboration establishes NSSG as Oman’s pioneer in providing PCI DSS Audit compliance services, in line with the Central Bank’s regulations. We look forward to unlocking new opportunities and contributing to Oman’s cybersecurity resilience,” says NSSG spokesperson.

Join NSSG and Risk Associates Bahrain in advancing cybersecurity awareness and resilience in Oman’s BFSI sector. This strategic partnership aims to set industry benchmarks, providing unparalleled value and protection to businesses while adhering to the regulatory oversight of the Central Bank of Oman.