AlJammaz To Focus On Cybersecurity Trainings And Discussions At Black Hat

Mohamad El Abdallah, Director of Marketing at AlJammaz Technologies, shares his thoughts about the cybersecurity market in Saudi Arabia and how this company is well-placed to offer different solutions to counter the various aspects of cybersecurity at Black Hat MEA in Riyadh.

How do you see the cybersecurity landscape in Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia has ambitious plans to harness all the capabilities to meet Vision 2023 goals, and one of their main goals is digital transformation and e-government. From this angle, the threat of online attacks and its consequences have a severe effect on both critical infrastructure and individual users. Here, a red flag is raised for the importance of cybersecurity for Saudi Arabia’s digital future by safeguarding the economy, individual privacy, and other vital sectors that heavily rely on digital systems, where cyberattacks cause catastrophe.

What will you be exhibiting at Black Hat MEA?
Our core presence in Black Hat aims to demonstrate that AlJammaz Technologies are experts in the cybersecurity field through our case studies and successful stores with our valued partners by sharing ideas with peers, learning from experts and world-renowned individuals in your niche and exchanging authentic success stories.

Cyberattacks have taken different forms and come at a rapid pace. Attackers find many ways to access sensitive information; therefore, awareness, education and precise insights about these ways are essential. Our experts will conduct several meetings and sessions about best practices to protect their entities, personal data, and technologies that must be adopted and implemented to minimize threats.

How does the show serve your business interests in the kingdom?
Black Hat has become a destination for the largest gathering of prominent local and global cybersecurity companies, allowing them to showcase their products and services. Each year, the losses caused by cybercrimes increase significantly, and it was estimated in 2022 to cost approximately $200B from data breaches. This is where Black Hat MEA comes in and cements its position as a must-attend event to generate awareness, create understanding around the importance of cybersecurity and educate on how to use tomorrow’s digital space to its maximum potential safely.

How do your offerings enable organizations to enhance their security preparedness?
In a rapidly changing and diverse field like cybersecurity, it is not easy to come up with solutions that fit all organizations. In Aljammaz Technologies, we work with our partners on delivering comprehensive solutions that block the potential gaps that could be potential threats through several layers of evaluation for existing systems through indicators that measure the risk for the possibility of cybercrime and applying protection standards like firewalls, Malware/spyware, antispam and anti-phishing, without neglecting the physical security that is complimentary with the software part. At AlJammaz, we’re building a story with each partner with an ultimate goal: to build a safe environment free from cybercrime.

What message would you like to give the show visitors, and why should they visit your stand?
We’re part of the cybersecurity community. We can say that Black Hat is the largest cybersecurity gathering in the region that brings in the latest technologies in cybersecurity. For this reason, our experts are there to convey these technologies to their visitors who are interested in cybersecurity and help them keep their data secure. During Blackhat, AlJammaz and AlJammaz’s partners will run several training workshops and round table discussions. So, we encourage all visitors interested in the latest trends and technologies to book a seat in one of these training sessions.