Deloitte and ServiceNow Integrates Now Assist Generative AI Capabilities

Deloitte and ServiceNow have expanded their alliance to integrate Now Assist generative AI capabilities with next-generation managed services. The alliance will provide end-to-end managed services and beyond, known in the industry as Operate services, through the combination of Deloitte’s domain and industry experience and ServiceNow’s generative AI-enabled enterprise platform. Deloitte will also pioneer using ServiceNow’s platform to scale their client Operate services globally.

In today’s challenging market conditions, many organizations often face inefficiencies and loss of productivity due to siloed operations across enterprise functions, such as finance, HR, IT, supply chain and procurement. This lack of agility is causing many organizations to rethink how they can boost efficiencies across their businesses through evolving generative AI technology to gain a competitive advantage. Generative AI is number one on the list of C-suite emerging technology investment priorities over the next twelve months, and in the next 3 to 5 years, revenue growth is the top long-term business outcome executives are looking to achieve with generative AI initiatives, according to IDC.

“With generative AI at the heart of our expanded alliance, Deloitte and ServiceNow are positioned to help organizations realize their business transformation agendas through end-to-end Operate solutions,” said Joe Ucuzoglu, Deloitte Global CEO. “Leading organizations are seeking industry-tailored technology solutions to accelerate the time to value, which is exactly what our expanded alliance will deliver.”

“Deloitte’s commitment to enhance their service offerings with ServiceNow’s Now Assist generative AI capabilities demonstrates its market-leading innovation on behalf of customers around the world,” said ServiceNow Chairman and CEO Bill McDermott. “This kind of co-development creates a fly-wheel effect for businesses – more use cases drive more workflow automation. Together, ServiceNow and Deloitte can deliver superior digital transformation to help customers in each industry improve their business.”

Deloitte’s Operate services are focused on helping customers manage their organizations’ ongoing operational and technology needs through strategically enhancing technology applications, cloud, and infrastructure, while also delivering ongoing advisory, data, and analytics services to help exceed customers’ business transformation agendas.

OperateEdge, Deloitte’s proprietary Operate management and delivery platform, combines data, tools and knowledge driven by Deloitte’s methodologies, industry standards, and leading AI practices. Industries and business areas will see a dramatic change in outcomes via Deloitte’s industry experience—and by using ServiceNow as the platform to scale client Operate services globally. Examples include:

  • Incident management allows for greatly improved productivity and experience through faster resolutions. The overall workload across the service delivery spectrum can improve efficiency by 20 to 30 percent.
  • Customer Service Management can streamline the customer engagement process from beginning to end by rapidly generating summaries from cases and chats, reducing the overall manual work for agents.
  • HR Service Delivery can enable generative AI capabilities for Case and Knowledge Management to boost agent productivity and deliver faster case resolution for employees, improving overall experience.

Through Deloitte’s industry experience—and by using ServiceNow as the platform to scale client Operate services across the globe—the companies also plan on delivering transformation across industries and business areas. Examples include:

  • Supply Chain: Can enable organizations to achieve sustained value across the supply chain and manufacturing functions by operating client’s supply chain end-to-end and leveraging AI-enabled assets to deliver value in quality, cycle times, asset efficiency and overall cost optimization.
  • Financial Services: Deliver leading operations and technology capabilities, specialized talent, and advanced technologies to streamline, automate and operate multiple functions, by managing assets across the spectrum of specialists and technology solutions to accelerate the organization’s transformation goals.
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare: Manage, run, reimagine, and transform core healthcare processes such as clinical operations, patient/clinician engagement, supply chain and administrative cost management, using analytics and AIdriven operations for patients, members, and clinicians to have a differentiated experience.
  • Sustainability: Manage, visualize, report and mitigate on sustainability initiatives, policies, and compliance, by leveraging data and generative AI to unlock valuable insights that propel sustainable logistics, reduce carbon emissions, and drive progress towards an organization’s sustainability and climate goals.

‘’This is an exciting step in our combined Deloitte and ServiceNow AI journey where we are continuing to bring together leading, unique industry assets and services that help address complex challenges that clients need to overcome, with a dedicated ServiceNow Assets & Solutions group (ASG) of professionals, unlocking more value from their investments with speed, scale and insight,’’ said Asish Ramchandran, Deloitte’s Chief Commercial Officer for the ServiceNow alliance.