GameSir Launches Two New Multi-Platform Wireless Gaming Controllers

GameSir announced the launch of the GameSir T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro, two wireless controllers designed to enhance users’ gaming experience across various platforms. With their cutting-edge features and advanced technology, the GameSir T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro take gaming to the next level, offering superior control, customization, and convenience.

With advanced features such as Full Hall Effect sensors, macro back buttons, and customizable software, both controllers promise an unparalleled gaming experience. Stick drift is a common frustration for gamers, impacting gameplay accuracy and immersion. The T4 Cyclone and its pro version address this issue head-on with its Anti-drift Hall Effect sticks, engineered for precision and consistent performance. These specially optimized algorithms ensure smoother and more responsive control, allowing gamers to maximize their performance in every session.

The two controllers are also equipped with three connectivity options – Bluetooth, Wireless Dongle, and USB-C, providing unmatched flexibility for seamless switching between devices. They are designed to work with PC, Switch, and Android devices in order to deliver a smooth gaming experience with reduced latency, making it the ultimate choice for cross-platform gaming.

The inclusion of motion control features and customizable Macro Back buttons, backed by software that supports the GameSir’s app, allows gamers to add a new level of engagement.

“For gamers, precision, customization and versatility is extremely important. This is exactly what we aspired for when introducing our two new controllers, the GameSir T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro. At GameSir it is our mission to empower gamers with innovative and affordable gaming accessories. These controllers are engineered to eliminate stick drift, provide unparalleled performance, and offer limitless customization options. We believe our innovative products are a testament to our dedication to redefining gaming peripherals.” commented Leon Lian, Sales & Marketing Director at GameSir.

T4 Cyclone Pro goes a step further with a built in hyper-realistic quad motor structure and two distinct rumble motors in the grips for strong and subtle vibrations. These motors serve to bring real feedback of impacts, gunshots and driving over surface irregularities. However, the trigger vibration is only supported in Bluetooth X Input mode.

GameSir’s T4 Cyclone controllers cater to the demands of modern gamers, providing a robust gaming solution for various platforms, including Windows 7/10, Switch, Android 8.0 or above, and iOS 13 or above devices. Its 6-axis gyro, ABXY membrane buttons with a 5-million-click lifespan, and Hall Effect magnetic sensors contribute to a superior gaming experience. The GameSir T4 Cyclone is available at the super-affordable price of $39.99 USD.