MMA Infosec Aiming For Double-Digit Growth

Amit Kumar, Managing Director at MMA Infosec talks about their successful journey and how the company is now planning to expand its presence across the region, as it enhances its portfolio and offers value to its customers 

How would you describe MMA Infosec?
MMA Infosec’s true essence lies in its vision, which is in continuous pursuit of excellence. Our focus is on being cyber resilient & cyber ready, while also making sure our customers embrace the same while they pursue excellence with us. We have partnered with world-class leaders to harness greater security as part of our journey & together we aim to become a cornerstone for every customer we associate ourselves with for building their cyber-proof future.

Where do you stand currently in terms of your product portfolio and how do you decide which products are more suitable for you than others?
With a leadership team of more than 3 decades of experience in the cyber security & IT industry, we are more than equipped to address the agile needs of customers today and help them plan a better tomorrow. MMA Infosec is moving towards a holistic and proactive cybersecurity approach, focusing on prevention, detection, response, and collaboration.

We are conscious of the vendors we carry as part of our portfolio. We are one of the few players in the market introducing new technologies and vendors with uniqueness in their offerings that serve the needs of customers in the region. We like to be different, be bold & offer the best. When we launch new vendors, we take complete ownership right from operations to logistics to Sales and Marketing. Such kind of investment is truly appreciated by many of our vendors, and by our customers who acknowledge the exclusivity we bring to the table, as part of our portfolio.

How does MMA Infosec intend to strengthen its position in the regional market?
MMA Infosec envisions bolstering its presence in the regional market by championing a comprehensive cybersecurity transformation and continue to be different. We endeavour to win customers and embrace agility, our focus remains on ‘be different, be bold & offer the best’. Our strategy has worked in the last 3 years and going forward we aim to increase our presence across the Middle East. Hand in hand, we will also continue adding value to all our customers in every country we establish a mark in.

Which are the key industry verticals that are critical to your business?
We provide solutions that cater to healthcare and critical infrastructure-oriented verticals.

In a competitive market, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest?
MMA Infosec stands out in the competitive market by emphasizing proactive defence, detection, and response. Overall our approach is proactive and not reactive in whatever we do, which makes us stand out from the crowd.

What are the key advantages you offer to your customers?
MMA Infosec’s advantages encompass proactive resilience, comprehensive defence beyond prevention, societal protection, collaborative networks with solution providers, and deep industry expertise, enabling clients to navigate evolving cybersecurity challenges effectively.

Where do you see your company in the next 12 months?
MMA Infosec is aiming for double-digit revenue growth this year, driven by our innovative cybersecurity solutions. In the end, the sky is the limit for those who wish to go above & beyond, and for sure we are ready for that!