Secureworks Partner First Strategy Offers Significant Competitive Advantage

Gopan Sivasankaran, Regional Director, META at Secureworks, talks to Channel Post MEA about the launch of company’s Partner First strategy in the Middle East and lists down the major benefits of the new strategy for the channel partners in the region

How would you describe your partner eco-system in the Middle East?
At the heart of the Secureworks Partner First strategy are our customers, ensuring that we’re delivering better cybersecurity outcomes for them. This means that we have formed very strategic relationships with partners, including Finesse, ITS, Computerworld and Alpha Data to focus on the value that our partners bring in solving today’s  – and tomorrow’s – cybersecurity challenges.

Kindly shed some light on Partner First strategy and how does it work?
We first launched the Partner First strategy across North America in 2022, and in June 2023 we announced its expansion to the Middle East region. This strategy is the next step in the evolution of Secureworks’ Global Partner Program and it is intended to further accelerate Secureworks growth in the region.

All new business will be driven with/through a partner. There is no channel conflict with our direct sellers. This offers Partners the predictability and the confidence in our commitment to the channel which enables us to build a joint go-to-market together.

Our program allows for Partners to engage and/or leverage across our eco-system. Our solution providers resell our solution and services, while others may choose to leverage our Taegis ManagedXDR platform and deliver their own services model, becoming an MSSP with us. In addition, we have our Tech Alliances, which both extend the native capabilities of Taegis and leverage the power of joint Go to Market with our tech alliances.

As a company, we help organizations to understand their cyber risk and then invest to enhance their cybersecurity posture in order to fuel their growth.

What are the new elements you have added to the Partner First strategy lately?
Our award-winning Global Partner Program includes partner enablement tools and access to the industry’s leading cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and developers. Specialized resources are available for partners who want to transform their cybersecurity practices to the managed services model by leveraging Taegis XDR and the experience of the Secureworks team.

Partner First gives our partners here in the Middle East best-in-class go-to-market support, including improvements in demand and opportunity management, and coordinated alliances with other technology providers. We have simplified our licensing and pricing model to offer a clear value proposition for partners and customers.

Another recent addition is “teaming” which formalizes our approach to co-selling with Partners.

What key advantage does Partner First strategy offer to the channel partners in the region? And what is the role the strategy plays to ensure channel partners want to work with you?
Partners will benefit from a significant competitive advantage with the program. They will be at the forefront, selling industry-leading MDR and XDR offerings that are growing significantly faster than the market. We believe Secureworks Taegis ManagedXDR is a force multiplier for our partners’ business based on strong continued revenue growth. In our Q1 FY24 earnings, we reported 68% year on year growth for our Taegis platform; we’re delivering a solution that meets customers’ requirements.

Partner First has been designed to help our partners maximize their margins, we believe, above industry averages. Our advanced, human led cyber intelligence, combined with our experience as a leader in the cybersecurity space means that together with partners we can go to customers and win together.

Which type of channel partners are a perfect fit for Secureworks?
The foundation of our partner relationships is based on our core values. We look for partners that reflect these values and that share our commitment to delivering the best outcomes for our customers.

Our priority is to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every opportunity with the right partner. Clearly defined rules of engagement mean we have a framework for market coverage and to provide a predictable path for growth. And we encourage our partners to define mutually beneficial goals with us, and we hold each other accountable to achieving them. We are committed to providing full transparency with consistent communication and we encourage respectful honesty.

We want to work collaboratively with our partners not only to deliver an integrated program, but to take on feedback and ideas to continue to evolve and innovate in the way we work in the middle east.

How do you enable and empower your channel partners?
We empower our partners by providing them with the people and technology that enables them to deliver cyber strategies that make a difference to the end customer. Through certifications, our partners have the proper credentials and know-how, not just to plan, but expertly execute the implementation of our solutions as per customer needs.

What kind of growth are you expecting in the next 12 months?
We see significant growth opportunity, as cyber threats in the Middle East are only getting more prolific. To prevent and defend their organizations, customers are asking their partners for a platform-based approach that strips out complexity and replaces it with a simplified view of cyber threats, risks and the actions they need to take.

They are seeking to be smarter, stronger and more secure. Taegis enables our partners to respond to this need and for that reason we see a real and significant opportunity for growth.

Last but not least, what message would you like to give to channel partners, both existing and prospective?
Secureworks has been a leading force in cybersecurity for more than two decades. It has demonstrated a commitment to investment and growth in the Middle East and the businesses that are here.

We are relentlessly innovating to ensure we are delivering the technology, insights and team that our partners and customers need to navigate the cyber security challenges for today, and tomorrow. Our use of AI, which we’ve embedded into our platform, is just one example of where we’ve employed cutting edge technology to create value for our customers.

Our business is 100% cybersecurity. With more than 20 years of operations experience, threat intelligence and technological innovation, we know how security should be done.