Cloudera’s Evolve Dubai Receives An Overwhelming Response

Cloudera recently organised the data conference Evolve Dubai in attendance with over 300 leading IT and data practitioners from the Middle East. Held at the Museum of the Future, Dubai, on the 18th of May, the global event series was conceptualised to accelerate cloud technology adoption to drive business innovation and growth.

Cloudera’s industry survey further substantiated the region’s inclination towards cloud and data management solutions, revealing that more than a third of businesses in the Middle East don’t use their data effectively. Therefore, showcasing the effective use of data was one of Cloudera’s other aims through the organised data conference. Even though 72% of organisations in the Middle East store data in a hybrid environment (using both the on-premises/private and public cloud), 66% of respondents said that having data across different platforms makes data analytics very complex in their organisations, the research revealed. Regardless, a resounding 86% of organisations plan to migrate more data to the cloud within the next 1-3 years, highlighting the relentless drive for digital transformation.

Cloudera’s recognition of 12 prestigious brands for their exceptional contributions to business innovation through technology further accentuated the event’s success. These technical innovators exemplify the future of enterprise data strategy, showcasing their ability to transcend conventional boundaries and elevate their organisations to new heights.

At the event, Karim Azar, Regional Vice President Middle East at Cloudera, said, “Through Evolve Dubai, our aim was to reach out to tech industry leaders and IT decision-makers, showcasing the power of data. We also highlighted the importance of a data-driven approach and the significance of a hybrid cloud model in order to achieve long-term goals. The overall event was extremely successful, with over 300 attendees at the event. Moreover, we had insightful panel discussions with our partners and break-out sessions where people had choices between three interconnected tracks. The event seemed to generate a very positive response among attendees, and even for us, as a service provider. While Evolve acted as a platform to educate end-users about the power of hybrid data, it also allowed us to interact directly with the end consumer to learn what they’re looking for.”

The event progressed with three integrated sessions discussing Data Transformation, Modern Architecture, and Discovery Labs that helped participants understand the potential of cloud technology.

Evolve Dubai highlighted that the digital revolution and call for transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights are accurate. The growth in public clouds, cutting-edge technology, and competitive economics reveal that the data transformation movement is set to scale up further.