Veritas Technologies simplifies multi-cloud data management

Yudum Yonak, Channel Director of International Emerging Region at Veritas Technologies, talks to Channel Post MEA on how the company offers a seamless multi-data management solution and elaborates on the updated Partner Force program for FY24.

How are the multi-cloud data management solutions offered by Veritas different from those provided by your competitors?
To help our customers to protect and manage their data in a multi-cloud environment, Veritas has an advanced Autonomous Data Management strategy. This strategy includes launching Veritas Alta, a cloud data management platform that helps enterprises transition mission-critical workloads to the cloud.

Our approach to multi-cloud brings more than 30 years in enterprise-class data management innovation to bear as we address the unique needs of the cloud. Veritas Alta advances our mission to empower customers to own and control their data no matter where it resides—on-prem or in the cloud—while reducing the operational complexity and costs associated with managing multi-cloud environments.

Veritas Alta focuses on three key areas:
• Data protection with unmatched ransomware resiliency.
• Application resiliency that delivers up to five nines availability.
• Data compliance to illuminate and remediate information risks.

Veritas Alta View: Control Data Anywhere
Veritas Alta View provides a cloud-based management console that allows customers to manage their entire data protection estate, on-prem and in the cloud, from a single pane of glass. Rather than oversee multiple solutions for disparate on-prem and cloud workloads, customers can leverage a single management console for data in any location across multiple domains.

Veritas Alta View integrates the Veritas analytics engine to provide customers with complete reporting, actionable insights, and a full view of their cybersecurity posture across their entire data estate. It harnesses AI and machine learning to drive autonomous data management actions, freeing the IT team to focus on transformational activities. With the Veritas analytics engine, customers have reduced their IT management costs by 90%, and realized a 28% reduction in IT resources consumed in the cloud.

Taking a vendor-agnostic approach to multi-cloud data management sets Veritas apart. This means their solutions are designed to work seamlessly with various cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and others. By offering compatibility across different cloud platforms, Veritas provides organisations flexibility and freedom of choice, allowing them to leverage the benefits of different clouds without being locked into a single vendor.

Veritas technologies incorporates intelligent data insights into their solutions, leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. These insights help our customers to optimise their multi-cloud data management strategies by providing actionable data usage, performance, cost, and compliance intelligence. By understanding their data better, organisations can make informed decisions and take proactive measures to enhance data management efficiency and compliance.

What are the common challenges plaguing enterprises in the ME while leveraging a multi-cloud environment?
We know from our Value of Data research that data management challenges severely impact employee efficiency, productivity and the profitability of businesses worldwide. On average, UAE employees lose two hours a day searching for data, resulting in a 16 per cent drop in workforce efficiency.

Conversely, organisations that invest in the practical day-to-day management of their data have reported cost savings and better employee productivity. One of our earlier studies on data management challenges showed that seven in ten (70 per cent) had reduced costs globally, while over two-thirds (69 per cent) say their employees are now empowered to be more productive.

Companies that fail to address their data management issues risk significant longer-term damage to their business. Those surveyed said their challenges with managing data mean their ability to make strategic decisions is hindered (38 per cent), they’re less agile (35 per cent) and unable to compete successfully in the market (29 per cent).

The UAE is laser-focused on making Dubai the digital economy capital of the world. Backed by the UAE Digital Economy Strategy, this exciting transformation trajectory means that the amount of data will continue multiplying, leaving an urgent need for organisations to revisit their data management strategies to retain their competitive advantage throughout this phase.

How can Veritas help businesses overcome common challenges associated with cloud technology, such as security concerns and integration issues?
Some of the critical concerns organisations face when transitioning to a multi-cloud or a hybrid on-premise and cloud strategy for their data management are fuelled by the underlying security and cyber threats internet users face today. As our international cloud research study revealed, companies relying more on native security tools are hit harder by ransomware than organisations that rely less on native security tools and more on purpose-built solutions. Over half of UAE respondents using only their cloud provider security tools (52%) said they were exposed to ransomware attacks because of relying on such cloud security backups, and 40% of organisations had lost data.

Continuously scaling up the level of expertise to implement best practices is crucial for securing against potential attacks and mitigating risk. Organisations must work with trusted partners that have the proper know-how. A data compliance strategy with greater visibility over company and customer data must be at the heart of any organisation’s digital strategy. And secondly, every employee is responsible for contributing to the success of a data protection strategy, and there must be clear guidance and training on the type of data that can be shared across various communication tools.

Recognising the importance of data security and compliance in multi-cloud environments, Veritas solutions offer robust security features, such as encryption, access controls, and data privacy capabilities, to protect data across clouds. These indicators also help organisations meet various regulatory and compliance requirements, providing features like data classification, retention policies, and audit trails.

With cybercriminals employing AI in their attacks, how is Veritas positioned to address such attacks?
We recognise the significance of data and the evolving challenges posed by new technologies such as AI. We have leveraged AI and machine learning algorithms throughout our solutions to manage large volumes of data efficiently, ensuring its integrity and security.

However, we understand that data security remains a top priority as the adoption of AI continues to grow. To address this, we have implemented robust strategies and cutting-edge technologies that keep us at the forefront of data protection.

We recently updated the Veritas Partner Force program to support our channel partners. This program is crucial in facilitating their transition to secure data management solutions. Through comprehensive support and resources, including training, tools, and marketing assistance, our partners gain the necessary knowledge and capabilities to navigate the complex threat landscape.

Dubai aims to become the world’s digital economy capital and the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2031 under the UAE’s Digital Economy Strategy and UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. In a region where cybersecurity is paramount, we actively engage with local organisations and industry stakeholders to contribute to the nation’s cybersecurity initiatives. By aligning our expertise in multi-cloud data management with the UAE’s cybersecurity goals, we aim to enhance the country’s cyber resilience and protect critical data and infrastructure.

Can you elaborate more on the updated Partner Force program for FY24 and how it can help channel partners accelerate their transition to secure cloud data management solutions?
The updated Partner Force Program offers our partners a range of resources and support to thrive and optimise the latest technologies in an ever-changing digital landscape. The FY24 program is designed to empower our channel partners with comprehensive advantages. It offers a clear revenue target, allowing partners to effectively focus on their strengths and meet tiering requirements.

Additionally, partners can leverage growth opportunities through Veritas Alta, a robust, secure cloud data management platform. We actively support partners in capitalising on the expanding cloud market by providing training, accreditation programs, and enticing rewards. Moreover, the program assists partners in demand-generation activities, enabling them to attract new customers and expand their reach. Incentives are provided to partners who successfully develop the value delivered to existing customers, encouraging them to explore new workloads and use cases on the Veritas platform.

To streamline engagement, we have improved the resources available to our partners, simplifying the process and enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional experiences. These initiatives are designed to ensure seamless collaboration between partners and customers. We collaborate closely with our partners to develop tailored go-to-market strategies, accelerate pipeline growth, and maximise market opportunities.

List the ongoing initiatives aimed at simplifying engagement on the cloud and ensuring a successful transition to cloud technology.
We recognise the importance of simplifying engagement on the cloud and facilitating a smooth transition for our customers. To achieve this, we have implemented ongoing initiatives to streamline cloud adoption and ensure a successful transition to cloud technology. Some of the initiatives include:

Cloud data protection solutions: We have developed advanced cloud data protection solutions to safeguard critical data in the cloud. These solutions include backup and recovery, data archiving, and disaster recovery capabilities specifically designed for cloud environments. Organisations confidently embrace cloud technology by ensuring data availability, integrity, and security.

Cloud-based management and monitoring: Veritas Alta Surveillance is a cloud-based compliance management system that streamlines the monitoring and supervision of communications subject to regulation. With built-in automation, AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, Veritas Alta Surveillance enables organisations to identify the most relevant content and stay ahead of compliance obligations.
Cloud migration services: We offer comprehensive cloud migration services to assist customers in migrating their data and workloads to the cloud. These services include assessment, planning, and execution of the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition while minimising disruption and data loss.
Cloud-native integrations: Veritas has integrated its solutions with leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, providing customers with native integrations and optimised functionalities. This allows organisations to leverage their preferred cloud infrastructure while seamlessly managing and protecting their data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
Partner enablement program: The Veritas Partner Force program has been updated for the company fiscal year 2024 to streamline the processes, rewards, and pricing. We provide our partners with comprehensive training and enablement programs, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively engage with customers on cloud-related initiatives. These programs ensure partners are well-positioned to support customers in their cloud journey, driving successful adoption of cloud technology.