“We developed Event-Driven Ansible with the entire automation ecosystem in mind. Our goal is to make it easier to integrate valuable management systems with their established Ansible investments,” said Richard Henshall, Head of Product Management, Ansible, Red Hat. “Making solution integrations like the Dynatrace platform available for Event-Driven Ansible enables our customers to more quickly and efficiently use automation to simplify their Day 2 operations goals for improved efficiency and faster innovation.”

“Dynatrace turns data into answers and action with industry-leading solutions,” said Stefan Greifeneder, VP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “Using Dynatrace with Event-Driven Ansible exemplifies this commitment. By extending Dynatrace’s precise, AI-powered answers to Ansible Automation Platform, our customers can drive greater operational efficiencies while boosting their digital services’ performance, reliability, and security.”

The Dynatrace integration capabilities will be available to customers via the Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection within 90 days of this announcement.