Saudi Arabia has an advanced vision of cybersecurity: Dragos

Dragos CEO Robert Lee spoke about the most prominent cyber threats globally, including those facing the Middle East region

The successive developments of cyberattacks and malware pose increasing dangers to the global economy by targeting all industrial systems simultaneously, a global cybersecurity expert warned.

Robert M. Lee, CEO, and Co-founder of Dragos, said on the sidelines of his attendance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, that the year 2022 saw a critical development in the threats that target industrial controls systems. The year saw the first malware that is capable of targeting organizations in virtually all industrial sectors.

Because of its ability to scale and span across industries, this new malware, called PIPEDREAM, represents the highest level of threat to critical infrastructure globally. Industrial organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where digital transformation is driving increased connectivity, are at risk from this type of sophisticated and expandable attack.

Saudi Arabia’s Advanced Vision
Robert Lee spoke about the most prominent cyber threats globally, including those facing the Middle East region. While the threats to industrial systems, including the possibility of increasingly sophisticated and scalable attacks, represent a major threat, Lee praised the region for taking a mature position. Lee said the Saudi government and private establishments are aware of the importance of cybersecurity and prioritizing solutions to protect industrial control systems (ICS) and their operational technology (OT).

“The Kingdom has an advanced vision regarding this issue and the necessary measures to protect society from cyberattacks,” he added.

Dragos’s Role
Dragos’s mission is to protect the industrial infrastructure through cybersecurity solutions for ICS/OT, including institutions in the fields of electricity, oil, gas, manufacturing, building automation systems, chemicals, government, water, food & beverage, mining, transportation, and pharmaceuticals.

Lee said: “Dragos is focused on supporting the industrial community, providing its own cybersecurity platform to customers, and working to enhance collective defense in which organizations work together to defend against cyber threats. We are also dedicated to providing resources for knowledge building and training, and knowledge transfer to local experts.”

The top Dragos official stressed that the Dragos Platform gives customers visibility into the cyber threats to ICS/OT systems, the weaknesses that they need to mitigate, and the response actions they need to take. In-depth forensics and technology operational manuals help organizations quickly respond to incidents, and Dragos experts are available to help organizations build safe and effective OT cybersecurity programs.

Building cyber resilience
Lee, who is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cyber Security (CSS), delineated the Centre’s priorities in facing cyber challenges and improving digital trust in the world: building electronic resilience, enhancing global cooperation, and understanding future networks and technology to identify challenges. and cybersecurity opportunities in the future.

On protecting industrial environments, he advised that technology leaders should establish a path dedicated to the challenges and unique tasks of OT, indicating that if they seek to simply imitate their IT strategies and apply them to OT environments, they will fail to protect their industrial systems.