Schneider Electric inaugurates its sustainability hub in Sharm El Sheikh

Drawing from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the hub is showcasing Schneider Electric’s latest solutions in sustainability and management of future sustainable cities

Schneider Electric has announced the official inauguration of its Sustainability Hub in Sharm El Sheikh on the sidelines of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP27.

Commenting on the inauguration, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, said “The inauguration of Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Hub showcases the strong ties between Egypt and France on whether a governmental level or the partnership between public and private sectors.” He added, “This Hub acts as a model for the role and responsibility of the private sector to promote education and raise awareness to contribute ,in the fight against climate change.”

Schneider Electric Sustainability Hub spans an area of 2,000 sqm in the heart of Central Park in Sharm El Sheikh. Through the Hub, Schneider Electric is showcasing state-of-the-art digital solutions and projects that address climate, environment and social needs.

Drawing from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Hub also seeks to highlight the potential for social and environmental change around the world through Schneider Electric’s sustainable solutions for resources, energy, and infrastructure management, among other key drivers for sustainable cities.

For his part, Eng. Walid Sheta, Zone President, Middle East & Africa, Schneider Electric said, “The inauguration of Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Hub today reflects the depth of our relations with the Egyptian government, and speaks volumes about the company’s global, regional and local leadership in advocating for sustainability and carbon neutrality. Schneider Electric Sustainability Hub encapsulates the company’s philosophy and sustainability vision which is a main operational driver and the bedrock of all the innovative solutions we provide to our customers around the world. The Hub plays an even more significant role as we inaugurate it amid the most important climate summit in the world; giving us a valuable opportunity to showcase our latest solutions to world leaders and participating delegations from different countries around the world.”

Schneider Electric Sustainability Hub seeks to contribute to meeting 4 main goals, namely; shedding the light on the UN’s SDGs and climate actions aimed at mitigating global warming, raising awareness of Schneider Electric’s sustainability activities, exhibiting and showcasing the company’s latest innovations in sustainability, and encouraging those interested in sustainability issues to create partnerships and initiatives, as a collective effort to put forth practical measures to deal with environmental and climate issues by harnessing the potential of technology and science.

Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa & Levant, commented on the announcement saying, “Schneider Electric Sustainability Hub is the fruit of our cooperation with South Sinai Governorate. This is only the latest in a series of initiatives that we are carrying out with the governorate to transform Sharm El Sheikh into a regional model for sustainability and green cities in the region. We are proud of providing the latest sustainability solutions and technological innovations through this hub to boost Sharm El Sheikh’s regional stance as an exemplary model in sustainability and we will continue to implement other important initiatives in Sharm El Sheikh following the conference.”

Riez went on to say that sustainability solutions have become an indispensable tool to achieve operational efficiency, conserve natural resources – especially energy – and manage facilities, buildings and cities, in order to ensure the highest rates of operational availability and raise the efficiency of productive assets usage among others.

Sherif Abdelfattah, Vice President of Government Affairs, Schneider Electric Egypt and Northeast Africa, stressed the hub’s eventful schedule, saying: “Schneider Electric Sustainability Hub includes interactive activities and panel discussion sessions, in addition to a specialized team to address different inquiries. The hub also acts as a business platform for meetings and roundtable discussions between Schneider Electric and potential business partners, among other activities. The solutions featured within the hub are some of the most important sustainability-driven solutions that aim to address environmental issues and climate change.”

Schneider Electric Sustainability Hub includes six sections built on the company’s six long-term commitments which are set to deliver its sustainability goals and reflect the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These commitments are: to act for a climate-positive world; to be efficient with resources; to live up to its principles of trust; to create equal opportunities; to harness the power of all generations, and to empower local communities.

As part of Schneider Electric’s role in contributing to the transformation of Sharm El-Sheikh into the first green city in Egypt, and supporting the government’s fast-paced endeavors to stand against pollution and reduce carbon emissions, providing EVlink chargers for electric cars. The initiative also comes in line with the Ministry of Electricity’s announcement of implementing its plan to connect electric current to car charging stations in the city.

Over the past 6 years, Schneider Electric carried out several projects pivoting around sustainability in Sharm El Sheikh, on top of which is the first 5-megawatt solar power plant in Sharm El Sheikh, a project to extract water using solar energy for irrigation and drinking purposes in Wadi Silva, Ras Sedr, as well as the installation of a system to extract water from wells with solar energy in Ramla village in the governorate.