AVITA Technologies and Jasmy establishes a new Joint Venture

AVITA Technologies announced that Jasmy has become the strategic investor of AVITA Technologies, with the vision of transforming the company into an innovative IT & IoT Solution and FinTech Service Provider under the trend of Web3, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications.

Jasmy was founded in Japan. Its tokenized platform that champions the democratization of data by combining Blockchain and IoT technology to provide an infrastructure that allows anyone to use data safely and securely. “Jasmy was found with the idea of Data Democracy. It is our strong belief in the ownership and autonomy of personal data. From that, it is everyone’s right for a safer and more secure application and full control of personal data, which adds values to our daily lives.” explained by Mr. Kunitake Ando, Representative Director of Jasmy Incorporated. While AVITA Technologies has been expanding the PC and IoT device business in Asia Pacific region extensively and committed to bring breakthroughs in the industry by accelerating new business model, AVITA Technologies shares the same vision as Jasmy to integrate the latest FinTech technology, so as to build a compatible eco-system for better living and more secure digital experience in Asia Pacific markets.

Following the concept of Web3 associated with decentralized technology, Jasmy’s Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications in decentralized storage system advocates Data Democracy. Together with Jasmy’s solution on data management, AVITA Technologies will offer Secure PC Solution and devices with personal data lockers in which an individual can store their personal data, while being in charge of whether a company has access to it or not. This concept aims to execute both personal data protection and utilization simultaneously. With the integration of Jasmy IoT platform and Secure PC solution, AVITA Technologies is going to bring new business model – DaaS “Device as a Service” for B2B customers.   It can provide enterprises with access control and security of access programs at the network boundary, as Enterprise remote office security escort.

Both companies have unanimously approved the joint contribution and business development for the mutual benefit under this joint venture. Jasmy and AVITA Technologies are more than determined to take onto multiple future opportunities in bringing new digital and Metaverse experience. Jasmy wishes to expand the scale of FinTech application with Blockchain, cryptocurrency and Secure IoT solution from Japan to Asia Pacific region and finally all over the world. Also, we aim to become one of the most promising innovative FinTech companies in the Asia Pacific region.

“With the motto ‘Do What the Giants Can’t’, inspiring the team in AVITA Technologies that goes above and beyond to build compatible eco-system for better living and more reliable digital experience with the integration of the latest technologies.” explained by Alex Chung, CEO of AVITA Technologies. As time goes by, we no longer define and limit ourselves to be just a service provider and computer manufacturer. We believe in positioning ourselves as industry transformer, leveraging the benefits of both human and artificial intelligence, allying with Jasmy to develop Secure IoT devices and solution, as well as the application in FinTech industry.