du initiates a new digital transformation program

du has announced working on a new digital transformation program to enhance customer experience and maximize its business and operational capabilities. In collaboration with Netcracker, Accenture, HPE, Arimac, Tata Consulting Services, Tech Mahindra and ATOS, the program is an initial step in one of the important transformations at du and a significant milestone of the organization’s transformation journey in line with its aim to become a leading digital Telco in the region and contribute to the UAE leadership’s transformation agenda.

The digital transformation program will use next-gen technologies to improve customer, product and channel experience. As customers expect higher service levels and better propositions, the program is designed to address service interruptions and technical failures. This program will also benefit the launch of new services that utilize new technologies, facilitate a world-class experience, improve reliability and empower stable systems and resilient platforms. du intends to move its customer base onto a modern and stable platform that can deliver these enhanced functionalities and experiences.

Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO at du said: “This is one of du’s biggest digital transformation programs to date goes beyond transformation to start from scratch and build a holistic, future-focused network. As a digital telco, our goal is to deliver all the services that customers are using and expecting to use and maximize everything emerging technologies have to offer. We’re excited and proud to work alongside our partners to pave the way for change and transformation and deliver new and innovative solutions that will shape our digital future.”

du’s new program further accelerates its journey to a digital telco, recently strengthened by the opening of its new headquarters (HQ) in Dubai Hills, which supports the company’s growth strategy as part of its ongoing transformation agenda.

Complementing du’s strategic growth initiative, the program will enable the Telco to improve its time to market, customer experience and engagement as well as avoid customer and service interruptions. As a result, du will be able to offer customers a wide range of differentiating services that will add value to their lives, as well as redefine customer service in the country.