Giza Systems implements Intelligent Traffic System in the new capital of Egypt

Giza Systems was selected by the Administrative Capital for Urban Development (ACUD), to implement one of the most important projects of the New Administrative Capital “Transportation and Smart Traffic Systems”, which is being implemented for the first time in Egypt, in partnership between Giza Systems and Military Production as the technological arm of the Ministry of Military Production.

“We are pleased to work with Giza Systems in one of the most important projects in the Administrative Capital, to implement an integrated model for transportation systems and smart traffic for urban communities, which is being implemented for the first time in Egypt, in order to become a model that can be generalized in new cities to contribute to the development of society, the economy and the environment within the framework of the Egypt’s plan to achieve sustainable development. We proudly look at the previous work of Giza Systems as one of the pillars of the ICT industry,” said Mohamed Khalil ACUD CTO.

The Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) project aims to solve recurrent challenges and issues facing urban cities, which result in economic loss, impede mobility, and greatly affect our environment. ITS offers a number of benefits, including reducing response time to traffic incidents, reducing congestion, ensuring enforcement of laws, optimizing traffic and generating analytical and statistical reports allowing operators to make informed decisions.

“Giza Systems will implement the Intelligent Traffic System, integrating several smart solutions and functions under a unified ITS platform that will shift the entire traffic experience from being time-static to adaptive and dynamic,” said Ahmed AbdelAzim, Transportation Sector Sales Manager at Giza Systems. He continued, “Using Big Data and Adaptive Traffic technology, the solution uses generated data to feed a dynamic traffic system that responds to incidents and even generate predictions for safer and more efficient traffic management.”

This is in addition to the Administrative Capital Services app for residents, visitors and workers that uses generated traffic data and linked to public transportation services and smart parking systems. It also uses analysis of data related to the smart traffic system, which extends to include environmental factors to contribute to sustaining the environmental health of the Administrative Capital.

Giza Systems has the unique experience, know-how and qualified technical cadres that cut across the various verticals/fields to deliver this critical infrastructure project for the New Administrative Capital. Its diversified experience and references in Egypt and the region have positioned the Company as a Digital Transformation Enabler capable of handling mega projects for smart cities dealing with multiple integration aspects for these critical infrastructures.

“We are very proud to be working with ACUD again on yet another strategic project for the New Capital, and to have been selected for best technical/ financial offer by the Smart Cities’ Projects Committee, formed in 2016 by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister of Egypt, to implement this intelligent traffic solution,” said Ahmed ElShafaey, Giza Systems Government and Military Sector Sales Manager. He added, “Smart cities are at the core of sustainable development, as they leverage technology, digitally-driven solutions and integration to drive efficiency, growth and sustainability.  We feel truly privileged to be contributing in Egypt’s path towards this vision of a smart and sustainable future.”