Home News Nozomi Networks adds Nine new partners to its MSSP program
Nozomi Networks adds Nine new partners to its MSSP program

Nozomi Networks adds Nine new partners to its MSSP program


Nozomi Networks has announced its MSSP Partner Program has added 9 new members. In addition to a solid bench of global MSSP Elite Partners, the program has expanded to include MSSP Focus Partners who are distinguished by service offerings tailored to address regional needs and requirements.

  •  The globally focused MSSP Elite Partner program has now grown to 10 members including new members ABS Consulting Inc., Intelligent Buildings and Telefonica Tech.
  • Regionally focused MSSP Focus Partners include CyberCX, Deloitte, Gemina, NRI Secure Technologies, 2TS and TI Safe

“MSSPs are filling a critical role as CISOs look for cost-effective ways to strengthen their security postures across IT and OT while juggling resource limitations and skills gaps,” said Chet Namboodri, Nozomi Networks Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances. “Nozomi Networks’ MSSP Program allows us to work with our partners to address a growing requirement to include advanced OT and IoT security solutions and maximize value for our mutual customers.”

Launched in August 2021, Nozomi Networks MSSP Partner Program is the industry’s first complete program for OT and IoT managed security services. The program fully equips industry leading MSSPs with Nozomi Networks’ award-winning OT and IoT cybersecurity solutions, expertise and selling resources. The program enables MSSPs to generate additional revenue through new lines of business while giving customers the flexibility and maximum value they need when it comes to strengthening their OT and IoT security postures while balancing resource requirements. Today a strong bench of MSSP Elite and MSSP Focus partners are helping their customers strengthen their Ot and IoT security and resilience, with solutions from Nozomi Networks.

Nozomi Networks’ MSSP Program goes beyond basic OT and IoT security integrations to support partners with the resources they need to effectively integrate, sell and support Nozomi Networks’ solutions as part of a full managed services offering for the customer.

  • Specialized training and certifications ensure partners are fully qualified to support customers with deep network visibility, advanced monitoring, and actionable intelligence for the best possible incident response.
  • Partners have access to an MSSP framework to further develop their industrial security expertise, grow their MSSP practice, expand their portfolio of services, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Partners can incorporate Nozomi Networks’ full suite of cloud-based and on premises solutions and manage them on behalf of their customers. Many of Nozomi Networks MSSP partners own Vantage licenses to provide private label services through Vantage’s multi-tenant and MSSP-oriented licensing capabilities.

New MSSP Partner Quotes
ABS Group – Ian Bramson, Global Head of Industrial Cybersecurity at ABS Consulting, Nozomi Networks MSSP Certified Elite Partner: “We have entered a paradigm shift in the world of cyber attacks and the general hacking landscape. Threat actors have new priorities – they’ve gone from stealing data to compromising public safety by interrupting operational technology throughout critical infrastructure globally. Now is the time for organizations to shift their priorities to OT cybersecurity and empower their security teams to face these new threats. Working with Nozomi Networks allows our clients access to OT-specific managed services, including 24/7 monitoring as well as asset and vulnerability management.”
Intelligent Buildings – Darryl Benson, Vice President of Managed Services & Development, Intelligent Buildings, Nozomi Networks MSSP Elite Partner: “While automation and digital transformation are improving efficiencies, sustainability and occupant experience for real estate environments including corporate, commercial, healthcare, retail and industrial, it also requires protecting those environments. Nozomi Networks’ innovative technology solutions are an essential tool to protect and monitor intelligent building environments. As an MSSP utilizing Nozomi Networks as part of our real estate focused managed service, we provide world-class cybersecurity analysis to our customers, reducing their risk and providing them valuable insights into the state of their networks and devices across their global portfolios.”
Telefonica Tech – Rames Sarwat, Product & Innovation Director at Telefónica Tech, Nozomi Networks MSSP Certified Elite Partner: “Our service based on Nozomi Networks’ technology enhances the ability of our SOCs to monitor the security of companies operating in industrial environments and critical infrastructures and helps accelerate the digital transformation of these businesses. Expanding our services allows us to be at the forefront and offer the most innovative solutions to our customers.”
CyberCX – Mark Hofman, CTO, CyberCX, Nozomi Networks MSSP FOCUS Partner, Australia: “When it comes to OT and IoT security services, our customers have come to expect advanced purpose-built technologies and deep expertise. Partnering with Nozomi Networks allows us to deliver superior OT and IoT managed security services that ensures we always deliver excellent service and value to our customers as their requirements evolve.”
Deloitte – Francesco Tozzi, Director, Deloitte Cyber Risk Services, Nozomi Networks MSSP Focus Partner, Europe: “As threats become more frequent, sophisticated and impactful, leading organizations are considering creative, divergent approaches that meet attackers where they are, while simultaneously fortifying the defenses around their most important assets. But, the cost and complexity of consolidating, building and maintaining such cybersecurity infrastructure in-house can be high. Partnering with Nozomi Networks gives Deloitte’s Managed Extended Detection and Response clients access to a broad suite of industry-leading capabilities that align with their current and future cyber needs.”
Gemina Threat Intelligence – Ricardo Tavares, Managing Partner, Gemina, Nozomi Networks MSSP Focus Partner, Brazil: “The alliance between Gemina and Nozomi Networks has brought us new business opportunities. We combine our multidisciplinary team including chemists, engineers, and data protection experts with technical and cyber security expertise to ensure customers choose the right solution in the long term. In a short time, we have already conquered large critical infrastructure customers in Brazil, and we are on the way to new projects.”
NRI Secure Technologies – Kotaro Kando, Division Manager of DX Security Consulting Business Division, Nozomi Networks MSSP Focus Partner, Japan: “We are honored to work with Nozomi Networks as they are utilized in OT and IoT security across a wide range of industries. Nozomi Networks’ solutions easily integrates with our managed security services to give customers more visibility across their network, better threat detection, and actionable intelligence to defend their OT and IoT environments.”
2TS – Charl van Niekerk, Chief Executive Officer, 2TS, Nozomi Networks MSSP Focus Partner, South Africa: ”There was no need for OT cyber security in the past because the OT systems operated offline. This meant that they had no vulnerability to attacks from outside. However, as the demand for digital innovation (DI) grew, and IT/OT networks merged, companies started to jump on the bandwagon of different point solutions to solve specific problems. With increased connectivity of industrial systems added to legacy equipment, safety standards and compliance regulations, the vulnerability of these systems to outside threats also exponentially increases. Partnering with Nozomi Networks, gives 2TS clients access to a broad suite of industry-leading capabilities that align with their current and future cyber needs as part of our IMMUNE strategy.”
TI Safe – Marcelo Branquinho, CEO, TI Safe, Nozomi Networks MSSP Focus Partner, Brazil: “We are excited about this partnership and focused on applying our expertise in offering complete solutions by Nozomi Networks to new segments that need to adapt to strict compliance standards for the safety of industrial environments. With this, we expand our operations and both companies grow together, opening new ways to support the cyber security particularities of critical infrastructure companies in Brazil, including smaller ones.”



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