The Huawei Middle East IT Day 2022 highlights the role of modern data center and storage technology

The Huawei Middle East IT Day 2022, held under the theme of ‘Green Data, Super Power’, recently brought together Huawei experts, independent analysts and customers to discuss the role of modern data center and storage technology in helping businesses innovate faster.

Addressing the summit, Steven Yi, President for Middle East & Africa, Huawei, said, “Countries in the Middle East & Africa are keen to adopt new technologies, as we have seen with the fast development of 5G in the region. We will continue to work with our customers and partners to lead the next wave of digital transformation and drive the national transformation visions.”

Other keynote speakers at IT Day included Bill Raftery, VP of Storage Solutions, Huawei, whose speech titled, ‘Redefining All-Flash Data Center’ emphasized the importance of innovative technologies such as flash-based storage platforms and how they enable organizations to accelerate digital transformation. He also stressed the applicability of Huawei’s pioneered technology in different verticals such as tax/finance and Oil & Gas.

The event also featured the release of a white paper titled “The Trend of Data-intensive HPC (High-Performance Computing)”. The report captures insights into the rapidly evolving requirements placed on the HPC ecosystem by the growth in the adoption of data-intensive applications and workloads.

Early adopters of all-flash storage have already experienced the transformative power of this technology. Sim S. Lim, Group Executive, Consumer Banking & Wealth Management, DBS Bank, took participants through the bank’s digitalization journey. He noted, “At DBS, we are re-imagining and re-investing in the latest ICT solutions to digitally empower our customers and build an ecosystem of trust and collaboration.”

Fahem Al Nuaimi, CEO of Ankabut, shared insights on building an Intelligent Full-Stack Data Center in the UAE. He said, “An intelligent full-stack data center enables us to offer digitalized education services, making the academic process more efficient while boosting collaboration.”

The financial industry is among the most important markets for modern storage based on the need to digitalize the customer journey, stringent data handling requirements and the need for robust cybersecurity. A roundtable session titled “The Future of the Financial Sector – IT Driven Digital Transformation” focused on this sector and attracted IT leaders from some of the region’s leading banks.

Wilson Xavier, ICT Research Director, IDC META, was also one of the many distinguished speakers. He highlighted industry trends for storage and data center, noting, “The enterprise DataSphere share of global data volume will increase to 68% by 2025, and data management strategies can either make or break IT modernization.”

Liu Gui, Vice President of Marketing and Solution Sales, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Middle East, closed the day by launching the Huawei Flash Track Promotion program, which can deliver storage devices sooner and help customers deploy IT resources quickly and implement projects faster.