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Working to optimize the performance of our partners

Working to optimize the performance of our partners


In conversation with Channel Post MEA, Zenab Abbas, MEA Marketing Manager at Vertiv highlights the importance of its channel partners and how the company is constantly working to improve its channel partner program to ensure that Vertiv can optimize the performance of its partners

How would you describe your go-to-market strategy for the MEA region?
Putting it simply, we deploy customer centric marketing programs to ensure we are communicating consistently and effectively to the market. We achieve this through close cooperation and collaboration with distributors, some of whom we have over a 35-year relationship. Not only does it lend our partners with the credibility they need in establishing their business but also helps both parties to accelerate growth by scaling sales, reaching newer customer segments and markets. As global leaders in the industry, we like to create a win-win situation for ourselves and our partners by ensuring they receive the right amount of support in taking our products and solutions to a broader spectrum of audiences. With an aim to create a chain reaction of empowerment, we have created this Vertiv community globally that is built of the foundation of mutual benefit and support.

What are the key elements of your marketing strategy?
Our products, services and solutions speak for themselves when it comes to marketing, in alignment with our core philosophy of only offering the best-in-class services. Product differentiation is certainly a key element as we are constantly striving to innovate in terms of the technology we offer. Our channel partner program is at the heart of our marketing strategy as it opens up newer avenues of market penetration for us while offering long-standing reliability and reputation to our partners. Empowering our associates empowers us as ultimately our goals are the same to empower the consumer with the technology of today that can create a meaningful difference. Our award winning partner program is designed with the vision of providing clutter breaking solutions and products to our partners, to maximize their profits and to offer unparalleled support.

How important is channel marketing for Vertiv and what are the latest channel marketing campaigns run by Vertiv in the MEA region?
At a time when the MEA market’s growth potential continues to capture the world’s attention, we are proud to be able to offer our award-winning Partner Program as well as locally tailored campaigns depending on the country. It is our go-to strategy to create sustainable growth for the company as well as the region in which we operate. We are always improvising our partner program, for instance we recently rolled out a brand-new partner portal that provides exclusive benefits like deal registration, bonus point rewards and promotions to our partners. We also have a Vertiv University where interested partners can get insights into technical trainings and guidance. In 2021, we held a series of roadshow events to showcase latest technology innovations to channel partners, consultants, and end-users across EMEA region. Vertiv’s “Keep IT Running” tour started on May 27 in Lagos, Nigeria, and was held in over 50 countries. We aim to continue this series in 2022.

What kind of marketing support do you provide to your partners and how do you evaluate the success of these initiatives?
Through our deal registration and incentive program, our associates can register deals with our easy-to-use system and receive preferred pricing. The rewards are very lucrative for the partners which is why you will see our partnerships usually last a very long time. We have a plethora of marketing resources for our partners to use right from information, guidance to e-books to trainings, brochures etc. However, more than anything, it is the reliability of our solutions that most partners are attracted to. If you are someone looking to offer your consumers the best in class IT infrastructure, there is no way you can ignore Vertiv. Additionally, years of experience in the industry in all five continents gives us an edge over our competitors.

What were the major changes you had to incorporate in your marketing strategy due to COVID-19 pandemic and how did you ensure its business as usual?
Much like the rest of the world, we had to quickly adapt to remote ways of working however given the fact that we are providers of infrastructure that keeps the digital technologies going, we were in a good position to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact of business continuity than most others. We did not have to incorporate any major changes but more likely to modify them according to the need of the hour, we were faced with heavy demands as most business suddenly increased their digital usage by three-fold since the pandemic but as one of the leading companies in the world, you have to prepared for a situation like that. You have to think ahead of times.

Apart from pandemic, what are the other challenges do you encounter and how do you overcome them?
There are always minor challenges and obstacles that come your way, we have had to tweak certain aspects of our strategies such as the channel partner program or the retail program in order to ensure a smooth and streamlined flow of business. We work closely with our partners to undergo comprehensive reviews that will give us a detailed insight into the IT needs of the market. This assessment process offers us an opportunity to integrate changes in our strategy in order to better serve our end-consumers. We also make a point that all our employees, staff as well as the partners within the business are happy and fully trained on any new platforms, products, applications and services that have been launched recently. Creating this eco-system is key to Vertiv’s success and to overcome any minor or major disruptions caused by internal or external factors.

What new marketing initiatives can your partner expect from Vertiv in the region for 2022?
We are always one step ahead in thinking how can we optimize the performance of our partners, thus constantly innovating newer ways of incentivizing them with bonuses, commissions, access to exclusive merchandise. Put it this way, there is always a surprise in store for our partners…a good one at that! We offer dedicated sales support that works alongside our partners and their teams to identify and solve customer challenges and drive revenue for your business. The channel partner program contains categories such Gold, Platinum and Diamond to offer partners a better user experience, less complexity, and greater access to tools, products and technology. Moreover, partners who complete a joint sales and marketing plan are eligible for back-end rebates paid against jointly agreed sales targets. All in all, partnering with Vertiv offers a quick super-charged upgrade with sales and technical representatives ready to work alongside the partners to identify, assess and solve customer challenges.

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