Exclusive Networks Africa in partnership with Infoblox

Exclusive Networks Africa entered into a new partnership agreement with Infoblox to empower organisations automate, standardise and accelerate the delivery of cloud-native and data centre network and security services, all from one place.

The Infoblox vision is to dramatically simplify complex distributed networking and security by delivering modern, cloud-first networking and security services that automate and streamline user experiences.

Housna Hamadet, Regional Manager Africa, Infoblox

“The hybrid workplace is here to stay, and this environment inherently brings several challenges,” notes Housna Hamadet, Infoblox Regional Manager, Africa. “Employees access the network from any device or location, including homes and remote sites. By providing omnipresent visibility into network users and assets across on-premises, remote and cloud infrastructures, Infoblox enables companies to uphold compliance among people, systems and data.

“Maintaining business continuity in a distributed organisation by ensuring network up-time is critical, but can prove challenging. Businesses need to seamlessly transition from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud for vital network services, and Infoblox provides the solutions to enable a smooth process. IOT devices introduce additional risk with data breaches from malware and other threats coming with a high price tag, so Infoblox embeds security everywhere, enabling people to work safely from anywhere.”

Tom Hollanders, Infoblox Distribution Channel Account Manager EMEA

Tom Hollanders, Infoblox Distribution Channel Account Manager EMEA, says “Exclusive Networks has been a long-standing and trusted distributor of Infoblox in Europe and the Middle East for nearly two decades. Our discussions with Exclusive Networks Africa started late last year, and they were driven by the potential opportunity of scope and scale, both globally and locally in this emerging and growing market.”

Ruan du Preez, Vendor Alliance Director: SA & SADC at Exclusive Networks Africa, adds “Infoblox has a proven track record and market leadership, and with its cloud-first networking and security services, is a perfect addition to our already impressive stack of world-leading vendors offered across the African continent.

Ruan du Preez, Vendor Alliance Director: SA & SADC at Exclusive Networks Africa

“Here at Exclusive Networks Africa, formerly known as Networks Unlimited until the first of March this year, and currently the latest acquired partner within the global Exclusive Networks family, we strive continuously to offer ‘real business outcome-based solutions’. We do this not only by delivering best-of-breed vendor solutions, but more importantly by adding true value to our partners and their customers alike, through our delivery of a full life cycle service wrap of professional global services – available when and where you need it.”

Explains Hamadet “Our core markets comprise DDI (DNS, DHCP and IPAM), to deliver business-critical network services; security, to protect the business in the new threat landscape; and edge, to deploy secure edge services at scale. Whether a business needs DDI for its data centre, cloud-native network or a hybrid combination, we deliver proven, advanced solutions for any enterprise.

“Our enterprise-grade DDI supports the world’s most complex, mission-critical networks with advanced automation, integrations, total reliability and limitless scale. Infoblox cloud managed DDI and network security services provide central control, automation and security for expanding workforce transformation and infrastructure agility. Our rich APIs and best-in-class integrations allow customers to easily leverage top tools and cloud services across their DevOps, NetOps and SecOps teams.

“Infoblox helps modernise network infrastructure to make it more agile, automated, scalable and secure, enabling greater efficiencies and cloud flexibility,” clarifies Hollanders. “For more than two decades, Infoblox has been engineering game-changing solutions for core network services and security. In the DDI market we’re the undisputed leader and most recently created the world’s first cloud-native, SaaS-based networking and security services platform: BloxOne.”

Hamadet adds that siloed tools and manual processes slow down NetOps and DevOps and prevent already overburdened SecOps teams from acting faster to shut down threats. “By uniquely combining advanced automation and extensive API integration in its solutions, Infoblox makes disparate systems work in unison so businesses can move at cloud speed.

“To keep pace with an organisation’s workplace transformation and changing business needs constantly in flux, its network must be agile and scalable. Having the right-sized capacity to meet fast-evolving needs is vital. Hybrid on-premises and cloud-based networking and security solutions from Infoblox ensure ever-changing businesses always have the right-sized capacity,” she concludes.