MBZUAI announces the second edition of its Executive Program

Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) today announced the second edition of its Executive Program will begin at the end of March. The University is looking to build on the momentum of the inaugural edition of the program that concluded in January, which saw more than 40 senior leaders from across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enhance their AI capacity building with global AI leaders across 12 weeks.

The second edition of the program, which is set to kick off by end of March and will run through to the end of July and will cover fundamental topics including: An introduction to the past, present, and future of AI and machine learning; AI, machine learning and the economy; visual cognition and intelligence; lingual cognition and intelligence as well as AI ethics and policy-making; and the future of robotics.

The second edition of the program will be taught by global AI leaders such as MBZUAI President Professor Eric Xing, Professor Michael Jordan of UC Berkeley, Dr. Kai-fu Lee of Sinovation Ventures, Professor Daniela Rus of MIT, Professor Tom Mitchell, and Professor Justine Cassell of Carnegie Mellon University, to name a few. Another major highlight will be group capstone projects which aim to take on real-world problems and propose AI-enabled solutions.

“Learning how to use AI responsibly and designing policies that support its ethical application are often some of the main barriers to progress. The MEP is designed to improve AI literacy and equip students with important knowledge and skills that allow for emerging technologies to be successfully introduced into the organization. We also get students to consider the policies, legislation, and frameworks that form an important part of the development and application of AI, so we focus on offering a holistic understanding,” said MBZUAI President, Professor Eric Xing.

The inaugural class will be celebrated in a graduation ceremony on the University’s Masdar City campus this month. The program culminated in participants working together to identify an existing UAE national challenge that could be addressed by an AI research project with the winner to be announced at the ceremony. The inaugural group also took part in 12 weeks of coursework as well as field visits to top government and private sector institutions such as ADNOC, Injazat/G42, Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center, Emirates Post Group, DIFC, FinTech Hive, and Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain.