StarLink Partner Summit 2022 delivers exceptional virtual experience

StarLink announced the celebration of its joint successes and growth with the channel partners at the 2022 Partner Summit that was held last week virtually. The company conveyed a strong message of solidarity and empowerment to secure and transform the future.

The event was a tremendous success especially with our esteemed channel community joining us from different geographies – that is the best part of having a virtual experience.  We took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on our partners for their exceptional commitment and perseverance.” said Ahmed Diab, COO, StarLink. “We are proud to be part of their growth trajectory and to see them emerge as technology experts with focus on delivering integrated solutions to enterprises which has jointly helped us become an integral part of our customers’ success story.”

StarLink Partner Summit 2022 was power packed with the latest on the channel roadmap as well as new initiatives and business strategies to elevate the partnership to the next level. Three new initiatives – StarLink Cloud, StarLink Extra, StarLink Fund, were launched that has been designed from a technology adoption perspective. These initiatives will empower partners to enhance their business and grow as leaders in their relevant fields of expertise.

Reflecting on the event Nidal Othman, CEO, StarLink commented, “With so much happening over the past year, what has been consistent is our focus on staying connected with our partners and nurturing our relationship which has witnessed great outcomes. What makes us unique is our ability to reinvent and together with our channel partners, we have built a solid legacy of which we are extremely proud. We will continue to align and together support customers transform their business with innovative and robust technologies to achieve greater agility and efficiency.”

Mahmoud Nimer, President, StarLink said, “Partners have the power to drive immense success and we are committed to render our wholehearted support through our key pillars – our robust sales engine, innovative and cutting-edge portfolio, and operational excellence. We look forward to collaborating with our channel community with a unified purpose, enhance our capabilities and redefine our partnership so we can build a progressive future, together.”