Unlocking the potential engagement with interactive displays

Manish Bakshi, Managing Director of BenQ ME and Turkey explains how interactive displays has changed the rules of engagement in the workplace, and enabled businesses gain from better productivity

Interactive whiteboards and displays are absolute game changers for real-time collaboration. One of the biggest benefits of using an interactive display in the office is its capabilities that help keep employees engaged and focused on the task at hand.

Having an interactive display in the office significantly reduces the friction and complications that are known to slow down meetings and shift employee attention. These solutions minimise workflow disruption by working across platforms – it doesn’t matter if employees are using Mac, PC, Chrome, or just smartphones; they don’t have to deviate from their preferred platforms or waste precious time struggling through new operating systems.

Interactive displays are bringing never seen before levels of engagement, collaboration, and productivity to workplaces and are quickly becoming a go-to tool in office settings. While occasional distractions and time lost may not seem like a lot, when the same time is spent in employees being fully immersed in their work, it adds up to contribute quite a bit to the overall productivity.

Additionally, an interactive display in the office allows users to collaborate with their teams in real-time and remotely. Interactive displays bring added benefits of amplified productivity, communication, education, engagement, amongst other things, and as we advance, this would mean that interactive displays for businesses are instrumental for them to stay competitive. Installing this technology often takes minimal effort to set up, but the benefits it offers are simply phenomenal.

With the growing trend of the workforce preferring remote work, these displays make for an incredible tool to engage employees in collaborative breakout sessions, engaging presentations and interactive training while not missing out on building the camaraderie that is usually found in the office environment.

These displays pair perfectly well with popular video conferencing programs, and some even have their own in-built apps like BenQ’s displays have the Blizz app pre-installed, making them a seamless addition to any business. Interactive displays also do away with the cumbersome tasks of shuffling papers and managing lists of dozens of tasks when a meeting is over.

Instead, users can strike right through those to-dos on the display, annotate documents in real-time, and stay focussed on the meeting agenda. Through these capabilities, interactive displays ensure that the meeting room becomes an interactive and collaborative space where everyone involved can also easily refer to meeting content.

They empower employees with the ability to shift between projects, edit presentations and data in real-time, and even record everything discussed, thus significantly improving productivity and efficiency. BenQ’s latest IFPs come with EZWrite 6 software, a globally leading annotation solution that allows everyone to enjoy enhanced interactivity and collaboration through collecting, categorising, editing, and sharing notes between the display and their mobile devices.

These highly interactive tools also help employees strengthen their relationships which aid in improving their output and overall work environment. Something as simple as being able to contribute to a discussion or brainstorming session has a direct impact on engagement levels. These displays can transform presentations into conversations wherein participants can simultaneously annotate shared documents and share information in real-time.

Overall, employees are highly engaged, and even presentation facilitators can now speak with them instead of at them. Being heard at work is instrumental to employee happiness, and it directly correlates to their productivity, engagement, and retention.