SentinelOne announces a new integrated solution with Mimecast

SentinelOne today announced a new integrated solution with Mimecast designed to improve end-to-end threat protection, accelerate incident response, and minimize delays for security teams. With SentinelOne and Mimecast solutions, security teams can leverage cooperative defenses and rapidly respond to threats across email and endpoints for a holistic approach to incident response powered by XDR automation.

“While Mimecast is often the first system to detect new threats through our multi-layered inspection capabilities, security operations teams are still spending the majority of time on the collection, normalization and prioritization of data on the threat, leaving little time to focus on solving the issue,” said Jules Martin, vice president, ecosystems & alliances at Mimecast. “Our integration with SentinelOne allows us to improve and accelerate the incident response capabilities we offer our customers.”

“As the cyber threat landscape continues to expand, detecting and responding to these threats in real-time is crucial for an organization’s security infrastructure,” said Ahmed Shah, senior vice president of strategic alliances, Optiv. “It’s important to leverage trusted security platforms like those offered by SentinelOne and Mimecast to help identify and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.”

SentinelOne and Mimecast’s integrated solutions strengthen and accelerates incident response capabilities across all security layers, including email, endpoints, and cloud. When a threat is detected in SentinelOne, the integrated solutions are engineered to significantly minimize delays as analysts can streamline response by automatically taking actions such as suspending email for a given user, blocking the user email, or quarantining the email account.

“The speed and sophistication with which threat actors are attacking organizations has become staggering, and too often SOC teams are burdened with investigating security issues as opposed to solving them,” said Yonni Shelmerdine, vice president, product management, SentinelOne. “The integrated solutions enable our customers to accelerate incident response and contain threats faster by automatically quarantining affected users in Mimecast. The solution ultimately reduces complexity, minimizes risk and decreases the demand on SOC teams.”

The integrated solutions from Mimecast and SentinelOne offer comprehensive protection across customer email and endpoints, significantly improving end-to-end threat detection and incident response with XDR automation.