VisionLabs launches VisionLabs LUNA POS Terminal

VisionLabs today announced the launch of its pioneering biometric payment hardware — the VisionLabs LUNA POS Terminal. The certified terminal is the first payment device to enable both traditional credit card payments and biometric facial recognition payments in one. With six design and three utility patents filed, the device is set to radically disrupt everyday biometric payments. VisionLabs’ state-of-the-art facial recognition software is already used in more than 60 countries by enterprises across banking and finance, retail, transport and a wide range of other sectors.

The VisionLabs LUNA POS Terminal is the first payment terminal to support both traditional payment methods whilst also facilitating transaction authorization via biometric facial recognition. It offers the hardware, supported by VisionLabs’ AI-driven facial recognition algorithm, to empower banks and merchants to offer their customers the world’s first complete, contactless solution. For consumers, the LUNA POS Terminal offers a better, safer digital transaction experience.

The LUNA POS Terminal offers merchants and banks a complete contactless solution. For customers, this means a seamless way to pay using biometrics, though they can still opt for traditional payment methods — chip cards, magnet stripe, standard contactless payment, and Near Field Communication (NFC) — should they wish to.

How It Works

· The terminal scans the customer’s face, similar to using facial recognition to unlock a smartphone.
· The terminal does not save facial data and will never capture any faces without consent from the customer and authorization from the terminal operator.
· Milliseconds later, the face template is sent to the payment service provider or bank for identification.
· VisionLab’s world class algorithm identifies whether the customer is who they say they are, determining transaction success or failure

The LUNA POS Terminal is vendor agnostic, portable, and available to a range of sectors via their chosen systems integrator, making it suitable for a vast range of applications including restaurants, banking centers, delivery couriers, gas stations, sports venues, airport lounges.