ViewSonic launches ID1330 myViewBoard Pen Display

ViewSonic announced the launch of the ID1330 myViewBoard Pen Display to enhance the experience of distance learning and coping with “the new normal” of the post-pandemic world. These new solutions are to be used as supplementary equipment at home, in the classroom, and highly portable. The ID1330 myViewBoard Pen Display is the thinnest 13.3” pen display featuring a battery-free pen to create, manage and share digital materials. The WoodPad Paper is a user-friendly solution that offers the advantage of digitalized learning notes in real-time.

“ViewSonic is a leader in education technology, and it is our responsibility to harness the brand’s forward vision to solve the education challenges faced by students and educators across classrooms and blended learning systems. Our latest innovative solutions will advance their skill in distance teaching and learning to ensure continuity of education,” said Max Hsu, Regional Director MEA from ViewSonic ME.

There are two main challenges teachers are facing in distance teaching – the difficulty of using a mouse to add annotations and the ability to maintain eye contact with students. By using a portable digital whiteboard, teachers are able to write and take notes on the ID1330 and still keep eye contact with the students as they would in a physical classroom. This new device allows intuitive teaching without changing the teachers’ natural behavior.

This is also a premium solution for students that can be used as annotation board and provides a new normal for portable teaching devices. ViewSonic’s 13.3-inch ViewBoard Pen Display is equipped with technology for 8,192 levels pen pressures with +-60 tilt angle to display smooth and natural handwriting. Students can comprehend blackboard handwriting and course contents more intuitively with this solution. It has full HD 1920×1080 high resolution and NTSC 72% color performance for superior image quality. It also supports the Plug & Play function with Type-C connectivity as the one-cable input interface makes very convenient to use. Its ultra-thin design means it weighs only 0.8kg and measures just 7mm in thickness. Highly portable, it is suitable for educators and learners alike.


With these high-level specifications, the product could also be used for professional drawing education. Teaching materials are displayed accurately onto the digital whiteboard due to its matte LCD with pen pressure levels of 8,192 and +/- 60-degree pen tilt angle for a natural handwriting experience. The 250 pps (point per second) response rate minimizes latency – less than 26 ms. Moreover, the battery-free pen is specifically designed to allow for precise yet diverse handwriting of text, math formulas, and other common teaching content.

To provide a better user experience, the ID1330 also features six user-defined hotkeys. Teachers could set up shortcuts for functions they use most often, like “Eraser” or “Recovery.” Thanks to the one cable USB Type-C support, the ID1330 could be easily set up to keep your desktop clean and tidy.