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Equinix Fabric enable digital leaders to transform their businesses

Equinix Fabric enable digital leaders to transform their businesses


Kamel Al Tawil, Managing Director, Equinix MENA talks to Channel Post MEA about their software-defined interconnection service, Equinix Fabric.

Kamel Al Tawil, Managing Director, Equinix MENA

What is Equinix Fabric?
Equinix Fabric is a software-defined interconnection service, as a single interconnection approach to connect all their physical and virtual devices within IBX data centers and the world’s largest digital infrastructure ecosystem. It offers the most locations to directly and privately connect to leading IaaS and SaaS clouds. In just minutes, Equinix Fabric customers can directly connect to major cloud providers including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, ensuring your architecture is secure and robust.

What makes Equinix Fabric, the cutting-edge technology?
As enterprise demands for ecosystem access, infrastructure performance and network agility increase, customers are choosing Equinix Fabric as their de facto interconnection standard for connecting their digital infrastructure globally on Platform Equinix. No longer just for cloud connectivity, Equinix Fabric establishes a globally connected footprint of services that enables digital leaders to transform their businesses as they connect to everything and everyone that matters to their business.

What are the benefits of optimising cloud infrastructure with Equinix Fabric?
Transforming how industry-leading network service providers can distribute networking services in the future, Equinix has expanded automated access to network providers via Equinix Fabric. With this enhancement, providers can offer customers direct, on-demand access to their network services, while seamlessly connecting to a full range of participants available on Equinix Fabric. It will simplify hybrid cloud networking with flexible, scalable connections to and between cloud providers in multiple locations across our software-defined network.

Equinix Fabric extends the reach of your digital infrastructure to edge and branch locations with secure, flexible connections to your network and SD-WAN service providers. It further improves how you manage data and applications including backup and short-term traffic spikes with private, reliable connections between data centers over our global software-defined network. It also builds an optimized network for digital services with scalable, low-latency connections to your value-chain service providers and partners both in the public cloud and in the data center.

What is ‘Network Edge’?
As enterprises seek to scale IT resources and network capacity to meet these quickly evolving requirements, it is more important than ever to provision resources on-demand through private and secure physical and virtual infrastructure. Interconnection to key providers and platform APIs allow you to quickly scale network capacity and add the clouds and applications required to keep business moving.

Elaborate on the benefits of Network Edge in combination with Equinix Fabric.
The cloud has enabled enterprise businesses to deliver services to customers all over the world and accelerate digital transformation. But, when cloud on-ramps are far from customers, application performance can suffer. Close physical proximity between employees, partners and customers and the cloud enables direct connectivity with lower latency, better performance and ultimately, a much better end-user experience than the slow and unpredictable behaviour of the public internet.

Network Edge makes it less expensive to do business in the cloud. By using Network Edge to access cloud ecosystems via Equinix Fabric software-defined interconnection, businesses can save on individual physical connections to every cloud provider and data transport costs by aggregating virtual connections to multiple clouds. With a modern, software-defined network, enterprise businesses can consume the bandwidth they need, dynamically reacting to changing business needs without incurring unnecessary operating costs. And the cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-database connectivity over Equinix Fabric reduces cloud data egress costs. 

Sometimes you need both Network Edge and ECX Fabric to achieve your goals. Network Edge includes built-in integration to ECX Fabric and privately connect to and between cloud providers for optimized performance, cloud migrations, replication between clouds, etc. It privately connect to and between cloud providers for optimized performance, cloud migrations, replication between clouds, etc.



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