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Sitecore and Microsoft extend their collaboration

Sitecore and Microsoft extend their collaboration


Today Sitecore and Microsoft announce successful collaboration and further extend their relationship, cementing their leadership in enabling customers to tap into the power of data and content to power digital experiences.

Faraaz Khan, Sitecore

Sitecore Wins Retail Industry Partner of the Year (2021)
Sitecore has been recognized as Microsoft’s Global Retail and Consumer Goods Partner of the Year. Winning this award reflects the innovation and excellence Sitecore has delivered for customers utilizing Microsoft’s technology. Sitecore is one of over 4,400 partners across more than 100 countries that Microsoft works with, so this commendation as the premier partner in the retail sector is a significant achievement.

Expanding Our Relationship
In addition to the award, Sitecore today announced an extension to its long-standing collaboration by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This integration will help customers unlock the full power of their data and content to revolutionize the customer experience.

Data and Content Working in Harmony
Sitecore has worked with Microsoft hosting our SaaS and PaaS offerings in the Azure cloud. Now, our rich content and personalized experience capabilities will be part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. This integration will enable us to work with customers to solve more of the strategic challenges they face as they digitally transform and look to capitalize on the online experience.

The integration of Dynamics 365 frictionless commerce solutions with Sitecore’s world-class content tools brings together two trusted platforms built on the Microsoft cloud. The integration will provide users with one interface making it easier and quicker to manage content delivery into personalized commerce and digital properties.

The Customer Advantage
● Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers will soon have access to Sitecore’s innovative content and experience tools as they digitally transform. In turn, Sitecore customers will have an expanded range of data and commerce tools from Microsoft.

● Rather than undertaking a complex and often time-consuming integration, customers will be able to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and the Sitecore Content Hub making it easy to deliver a personalized experience. This saves valuable time and will drive up conversion rates with more relevant content.

● The integration will allow customers to further unlock the insights from their data into experiences. The auto-personalization already in Sitecore AI ensures customers rely on predictive insights rather than guesswork to automate the operation and production of content. Sitecore’s integration with Dynamics 365 increases efficiency enabling users to connect with a broader audience, enhancing the overall customer experience.



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