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Technology and Trade in Africa

Technology and Trade in Africa


Webb Fontaine announced that it will gather a panel of industry mavens to talk about ‘Technology and Trade in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities’ in a webinar series on July 12 at 1200 CET (2:00 PM Dubai Time) and the one hour webinar will be broadcasted via Zoom (https://bit.ly/3wpJZXp).

Alioune Ciss, Chief Executive Officer, Webb Fontaine

The panel discussion will explore revolutionary thinking and innovative insights on International trade in Africa, the impact of African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) agreement and the collaborative role of African nations in achieving economic integration as a continent.

The webinar, aimed at both private and public sector professionals, with its overarching theme of trade and technology in Africa, will further explore the implications of geopolitical developments, establishment of free trade zones and its cumulative impact on the continent’s trade policies. With the global COVID-19 pandemic being a major economy disruptor, the discussion will also touch upon the consequences of such turbulences in the African supply chain.

The expert panel includes promising industry leaders from diverse backgrounds such as Agnes Katsonga Phiri, Executive Director of Corporate Services at Malawi Revenue Authority; Fridah Kimani, a Trade Facilitation Specialist at Kenya Revenue Authority and more. Together, they will analyze the performance of African trade, the role of different policies and agreements in the socio-economic development of the continent along with the key factors determining a successful strategy for the overall business and trade landscape in Africa.

The webinar will also serve as a platform for the experts to debate upon the pros and cons of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) agreement, its influence on the economic integration of the continent along with the time-frame and challenges associated with its implementation. The panelists will also be assessing various factors that contribute to the current scenario of exports in Africa and its prospective growth.

Looking forward to the webinar, Alioune Ciss, Chief Executive Officer, Webb Fontaine said “Trade and Technology go hand-in-hand, as technology advances it fluctuates the entire landscape of trade right from the supply-chains to global commerce systems. As COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating change and innovation like never before, this is the right moment to discuss and tap into the key issues, challenges, opportunities and future projections related to the trade and technology spectrum in Africa. At Webb Fontaine, we always strive to be one step ahead of the global trends thus this webinar is an endeavor to bring industry connoisseurs together in a conversation that can spark some ground-breaking thoughts and actions.”



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