The Ziina app is all set to be launched in the UAE this summer

The launch of the Ziina app, the UAE’s first peer-to-peer payment app, is set to revolutionize the way payments are made when it launches later this summer. Functioning as an e-wallet, it allows users to transfer money the modern way: instantly, electronically, easily and safely.


Whether you are paying your rent, treating someone to a morning coffee, splitting a restaurant bill or divvying up the cost of a grocery shop, the Ziina app enables payments to be settled quickly and seamlessly, eliminating the need for keeping track of who owes who what or those awkward money-related conversations.

A Ziina payment is as fast as sending a Whatsapp message and, thanks to sophisticated end-to-end encryption, it is as secure as making a bank transaction. The pioneering contact-less system is also fully transparent. There’s no hidden charges or processing fees, just a commitment to making finance and money management simple. Thanks to social add-ons such as GIFs, photos and emojis, it’s likely to become more fun too.

With the app set to go live later this summer, Ziina, the homegrown UAE-based company has also kicked things off with competition to reward early adopters, promising an AED 10,000 prize, with all entrants eligible to win AED 1,000, AED 100 and a minimum reward of AED 10 for taking part.

Users will be able to claim their cash prize by downloading the app on the official launch date, with rewards then deposited into their Ziina wallet.

Founded in 2020 by Faisal Toukan, Sarah Toukan, and Andrew Gold, Ziina offers its users in the UAE simplified P2P payment services, with plans to expand to Saudi Arabia and Jordan by 2022. Its mission is to simplify sending and receiving money for the Middle East.