VMware and Vapor IO announce building a Multi-Cloud Services Grid

VMware and Vapor IO announced they are building a Multi-Cloud Services Grid that integrates the VMware Telco Cloud Platform with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform, allowing developers and service operators to hypercompose grid services on-demand. The collaboration aims to greatly simplify and lower the costs of deploying distributed 5G systems and real-time applications by stitching together multiple cloud and edge environments into a unifying framework that can serve up resources for use, on-demand, across shared infrastructure.


The Multi-Cloud Services Grid is the first planned implementation of an Open Grid system as envisioned by the Open Grid Alliance (OGA), where applications can request resources from the grid and then rely on the grid to assemble those resources. Hypercomposing, the act of delivering a tightly-coupled set of real-time resources on-demand, will make it possible to deliver network functions, applications, and services at the moment they are needed, deploying them autonomously and algorithmically across the Open Grid based on the needs of the application.

The Multi-Cloud Services Grid will hypercompose resources at the precise moment when the application needs to consume them. For example, if an application requests the fastest possible path across the least expensive resources, the grid will assemble those resources when the application requests them and dismantle them when the application is done using them — returning them back to the grid for the next use.

Underpinning the Multi-Cloud Services Grid is VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform integration with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform. It is designed to stitch-together workloads across a latency-driven edge-to-cloud continuum, enabling highly immersive and real-time applications, including AR/VR gaming and cloud robotics, as well as disaggregated 5G systems.

The companies plan to deploy the technologies this year in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Dallas, making the Multi-Cloud Services Grid available as a platform for crowdsourced innovation in those metropolitan areas. The deployed grids will have the ability to serve a growing ecosystem of communications service providers, cloud providers, infrastructure owners, hardware and software developers, municipalities, and enterprises looking to innovate with real-time applications.