TSME launches Bot-as-a-Service

TSME has recently launched bot-as-a-service (BaaS), the bot pay-as-you-go-format in the region and globally for businesses to be able to utilize bots and implement a range of services across many different aspects of the business.

Firas Saifan, Executive Director at TSME

This new generation of automation service, whether in the cloud too, will enable businesses to deploy and scale RPA, in a more quick and cost-efficient manner and also orchestrate cross-platform processes effectively. Moreover, entities will have the advantage to pay only for the bot running time or even the option to run the bot at any time based on their own schedules. The service will help boost operational efficiencies and minimize operating costs without having to invest in elaborate IT infrastructures. The service is now available across UAE, Oman, Jordan and India markets.

The service is being facilitated through Automation Anywhere’s intelligent automation platform, Automation 360. “We listen to our customers to constantly elevate and adjust our offerings based on their needs. This was a clear need of the hour,” said Firas Saifan, Executive Director at TSME. “Given the 2020 crisis and the rapid rise in demand for AI and a Digital Workforce, we have made available a solution that lets companies sail through, increase agility and most importantly scale up their businesses. The pay-per-use or consumption-based billing model is an effective approach in the current cash crunched economic period. With this new model, it will increase our ability to empower a larger number of organizations across the region.”

“Our intelligent automation solutions liberate humans from manual, repetitive tasks, allowing more time to focus on higher-order business objectives and perform knowledge work,” said Derek Toone, Senior Vice President of Global Channel Partners and Alliances at Automation Anywhere.  “We see a world where every employee will work side-by-side with a bot, empowering human workers to exponentially become more productive and far more fulfilled. Our collaboration with TSME can help organizations expedite software bot deployment within a company and become a part of the next phase in the future of work.”

“In a world where business leaders are clamoring for digital operational excellence, we will continue raising the bar in offering innovative solutions that help our customers succeed,” Saifan concluded.

Companies can subscribe to it in four simple steps:

  • Companies register interest with TSME
  • TSME technical team connects to evaluate qualifications for the bot case and thereafter proceeds in the necessary bot set-up post evaluations
  • TSME sets up usage parameters
  • Customer enjoys benefits of the bot’s application