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Software AG’s new webMethods accelerates digital transformation

Software AG’s new webMethods accelerates digital transformation

Suraj Kumar, GM of API, Integration and Microservices, Software AG

Software AG announced new innovations of its webMethods platform for APIs, Integration and Microservices. With this release, companies can simplify and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives while also speeding their adoption of cloud.

Suraj Kumar, GM of API, Integration and Microservices at Software AG, commented “Companies today are facing unprecedented challenges with speed of digital transformation. Our customers are accelerating their multi-year roadmap of digital programs to months just to keep pace with this rapidly changing and disruptive market. That’s why we are focused on helping companies accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Our customers are innovating daily, customizing curbside pickup, monetizing data, deploying digital healthcare and rolling out open banking solutions, for example.”

The latest updates to webMethods include:

  • To simplify cloud adoption, Software AG has added AI and ML-assisted smart mapping. Now users are given suggested mappings based on the combined best practices across the platform, reducing the effort of building integrations.
  • A new online community gives partners and users the opportunity to share cloud connectors as well as integration templates, or “recipes,” to build their projects faster and with fewer errors.
  • Democratize and speed development and integration of data and services for use in applications with a new graphical flow editor for power users, as well as a drag and drop UI for business users (multi-persona interface).
  • Enhancements to develop productivity with improved DevOps capabilities including open APIs for all API Management and Microservices deployment functionality, containerized runtimes, helm charts, and CI/CD samples to simplify update rollout.
  • Eliminate the complexity of managing business application with webMethods AppMesh that ties together its API Management and Microservices platforms to bring application-level visibility and control.


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