Rockwell Automation in distribution partnership with Precast FZCO

Rockwell Automation partnered with Precast FZCO to distribute Rockwell’s software solutions across the Middle East, and it Precast became the first ever authorized software distributor partner in the region.

Susana Gonzalez, EMEA President at Rockwell Automation, said “We are very pleased to have Precast joining us as our first-ever authorized software master distribution partner in the Middle East. This is an important milestone, and we believe it will bring great value to our customers and help us bring The Connected Enterprise value proposition. With this partnership, we will strengthen our overall position, continue driving digital strength in the Middle East and accelerate our growth in the software solutions business.”

Congratulating on this agreement, Sebastien Grau, Regional Vice President Sales for Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Rockwell Automation, said, “This partnership is a significant leap forward for both Rockwell Automation and Precast FZCO in the industrial sector. This collaboration will help us as a company to better serve our customers, ensuring that they have the software solutions they need. By combining Rockwell Automation’s extensive expertise and portfolio of industrial solutions with Precast FZCO’s leading-edge simulation solutions, we will make it easier for companies to get access to innovative software that will allow them to achieve their desired business goals.”

Serving Industrial Automation to the entire Middle East, Turkey, and African region for the past 13 years, Precast FZCO operates from five office locations in UAE, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Representing more than 1,200 experienced local and international clients, Precast is well-established for providing the latest innovation and hardware, as well as software solutions, to many sectors in the automation industry. Now a member of Rockwell Automation’s PartnerNetwork, Precast FZCO will provide Rockwell Automation’s software solutions across several industrial automation sectors.

“We are excited to become an authorized distributor of Rockwell Automation’s software solutions in the Middle East,” said Kamal Diab, Owner and Managing Director of Precast FZCO. “Precast FZCO has been committed to serving clients in the region for over a decade with the highest value, enabling them to achieve optimized production. This partnership with Rockwell Automation is an important step for us, as it will open our doors to several exciting new opportunities through Rockwell Automation’s leading solutions. We will move forward together. Together we will bring about positive change!”