OmniClouds: Transforming Enterprises into the future

Amr Eid, Group CEO and Board Member of OmniClouds, explains how the company is enabling enterprises to transition into the future.

Amr Eid, Group CEO and Board Member of OmniClouds

Just a decade ago, organizations did not worry about the security of their data and applications as it was kept on-site and monitored effectively minimizing the chance of data being infiltrated.

Although digital transformation has been the buzzword for the last few years, the global pandemic compelled organizations to open up to the internet and adopt cloud computing along with other emerging technologies. With employees working remotely, organizations are now looking to migrate and transform the way they use and operate their business to digital platforms while also maintaining secure access to resources and monitoring tools. OmniClouds foresaw the need for a more up-to-date technology for organizations to manage their networks. OmniClouds was launched to make the organization’s traditional network more adaptive and agile, to support innovation, and increase business success and employee engagement. OmniClouds has made its presence strong by providing dedicated connections to 1600 cloud providers and 8 telecom operators in 23 countries.

The company has a very simple proposition – use the technology, do not buy it. “Instead of investing in technology, we believe organizations should use it to expand their business,” said Amr Eid, Group CEO and Board Member of OmniClouds. “The key to our solutions is flexibility and scalability. Our migration solution assesses the organization’s current environment and then creates its route to the cloud for the most effective adoption of optimized cloud connectivity technology. We support our customers in the migration of their workload into the cloud while ensuring access with a high level of quality. We also help organizations with multiple offices add new branches to their chain in a very swift way to reduce time and cost,” he said.

While the cloud offers numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes, migrating to the cloud is a complex task. It is not easy to estimate the exact time and costs involved in this process. OmniClouds witnessed some challenges faced by organizations.

“We realized that organizations in the Middle East and Africa need guidance to move to the cloud or adopt new technologies. We decided to address their need by offering a highly intelligent Software Designed Network that works in collaboration with local operators and cloud providers. OmniClouds empowers the operators and ISP community with a clear route to transformation and access to the most innovative SDN-based cloud connectivity, migration, and managed security services for our customers,” said Amr Eid, CEO & Board Member of OmniClouds. “We aim to cater to customer needs with a more efficient and secure way to reach the cloud, virtualize their applications and interconnect their various branches or even work from home,” he added.

With the advent of the new norm – ‘work from home’, OmniClouds also provides enterprises SASE cloud alternative – home-based solution, with no hardware, allowing consumers to have full control and manageability over their network via simple installed VPN.

With the ongoing pandemic, Amr believes the cloud is here to stay and will be the future. “The Government organizations globally are embracing cloud solutions. Organizations have begun to realize that cloud is the reliable and cost-effective method and if not adopted, they may be left behind,” commented Amr.

With a sharp focus and goals for the year ahead, OmniClouds is expanding fast. The company is operating in UAE, Egypt Kuwait, Djibouti Europe and the US and looks ahead to the opening of new offices in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. OmniClouds is currently focusing on the next generation of Artificial Intelligence technologies from facial recognition technology that lets banks recognize customers from a video call to mesh networking that can route around physical internet infrastructure.

Amr closes the note by saying, OmniClouds will continue to push the boundaries and expand its footprint in other parts of the world.