Bulwark announces new partnership with SecureCloudDB

Leading value-added distributor, Bulwark Technologies and SecureCloudDB, the leader in cloud database security proudly entered into an partnership to strengthen customers’ public cloud database defenses and enhance their data protection.

With a multi-cloud focus, Bulwark helps customers enhance their infrastructure and secure their organizations by leveraging the power of enterprise security tools. In this latest partnership customers will be able to implement a specialized cloud database security solution to assess and protect their data. SecureCloudDB provides built for the cloud next-gen data security intelligence when organizations are migrating from on-premises data centers to the cloud and dramatically improves public cloud vulnerability management and monitoring when in the cloud.

Bulwark will use SecureCloudDB tooling within its Managed Database practice to assist customers in meeting their data security and compliance requirements. SecureCloudDB provides answers to questions such as “Are databases configured incorrectly and how can I eliminate vulnerabilities? How can I ensure proper access controls and know who is accessing data? Is there suspicious activity within my account?”. The partnership will assist customers in reducing risk and securing their public cloud databases through the ongoing support of two expert teams, unparalleled database visibility and customizable capabilities.

“Bulwark Technologies is a known leader for cloud security in the Middle East and we are extremely proud to work with them to keep valuable data safe.” SecureCloudDB CEO and Founder Aaron Klein noted.” We look forward to working with the team at Bulwark to provide security and compliance assurance for their customers’ public cloud databases.”

‘’With the addition of SecureCloudDB to our current product portfolio, we pride ourselves on solving the biggest problem in public cloud: keeping valuable data safe. Cloud security is constantly evolving, as organizations believe that traditional security solutions do not work in cloud environments. We see that as an opportunity to help. Focusing on cloud security and auditor needs, SecureCloudDB delivers best in class analytics, alerting, and visualization on how to keep customers cloud database secure’’, says Jose Thomas Menacherry, Managing Director, Bulwark Technologies.