Secureworks unveils Taegis, XDR advancements and MSSP partner initiative

Secureworks, today unveiled its security analytics platform, Secureworks Taegis and introduced a new world-wide Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) initiative to its Global Partner Program to expand and empower the cybersecurity community.

Steve Fulton, Chief Product Officer at Secureworks

With threat actors increasingly exploiting gaps in point solutions and vulnerabilities in the supply chain, organizations require simplified, integrated and holistic cybersecurity solutions. Secureworks is addressing this need with extended threat detection and response (XDR) across cloud, endpoint and network on the cloud-native, Secureworks Taegis platform.

Extending Beyond TDR To Reduce Risk and Improve Security Performance
Secureworks Taegis XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is the next progression of expanded capabilities in the Secureworks threat detection and response strategy. Taegis XDR is a cloud-native SaaS solution that combines Secureworks’ security operations expertise and threat intelligence capabilities to detect and respond to attacks across cloud, endpoint and network environments. It also helps InfoSec teams bridge their cybersecurity skills gaps while reducing costs where security blind spots previously existed.

According to a commissioned Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Secureworks, higher fidelity alerts and reduced noise lead to average productivity gains of nearly $500K over three years.

Why XDR? Why Now?
A recent survey from ESG and Secureworks showed that organizations see XDR as a path to increased security efficacy. Respondents’ top threat detection and response goals included improving detection of advanced threats (34%), increasing automation tasks (33%), improving the mean time to respond (MTTR) to threats (29%), and gaining better visibility into cyber-risks, (27%). Participating organizations saw XDR as a potential path to helping them detect, identify, and understand complex attacks across the kill chain.

Secureworks Taegis XDR capitalizes on the company’s security operations expertise and threat intelligence capabilities to detect and respond to attacks. It helps security teams bridge cybersecurity skills gaps and reduce SOC costs. Taegis XDR supports detection and response, providing evidence for 90 percent of 2020 MITRE ATT&CK evaluation techniques and providing a comprehensive view of environments through 40+ third-party integrations.

Secureworks is offering a free, 30-day self-service trial for organizations to explore Taegis XDR using their own data or Secureworks simulated attack data to gain real insights. The Taegis XDR self-service trial delivers the full benefits of the application, including continuous threat intelligence from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), automation and higher fidelity alerts that reduce SOC work by 85 percent, for faster, more effective investigations, and Secureworks security analysts that are available via chat at a moment’s notice for organizations that need help.

“When we first began developing Taegis, our original vision on where the market would go aligns squarely with what is now considered an XDR solution,” said Steve Fulton, chief product officer, Secureworks. “We built a cloud-native security analytics platform and detection & response application—now officially Taegis XDR—from the ground up, with that vision in mind. XDR wasn’t an afterthought for us, or a label we decided to put on a point-product. It was the fundamental design-principle and architecture from where we started. And we will continue to rapidly innovate and expand the capabilities of Taegis based on the needs of our customers and partners in what we all know is a fast-moving industry.”

MSSP Initiative Built on Unique MSSP Heritage
Leveraging the company’s origins and more than 20 years of experience as a leading MSSP, Secureworks’ MSSP track is a new addition within the Secureworks Global Partner Program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). It is built with a deep understanding of what is required to provide managed cybersecurity services. The program enables partners to deliver services on the Secureworks Taegis platform to create additional revenue streams, and service offerings to protect customer growth while battling formidable adversaries together.

The track provides MSPs who want to become MSSPs and existing MSSPs access to the Secureworks Taegis cloud-native security platform with financial incentives, a defined enablement path, an assigned partner success manager and dedicated partner support.

The MSSP partner track includes:

  • SOC Development: MSSPs can enhance their existing security operations center (SOC) capability or build a SOC leveraging Taegis Extended Detection and Response (XDR) software and Secureworks Taegis Vulnerability Detection and Response (VDR) analytics application.
  • Training and Enablement: Secureworks trains and enables MSSP partners to deliver Taegis XDR, Taegis VDR, and premium onboarding services.
  • Financial Incentives: MSSP Partners have access to financial benefits including deal registration discounts and they are eligible for go-to-market support including Marketing Development Funds to accelerate customer engagements, acquisition and brand awareness.