Azizi’s IT Transformation program enhances operational efficiency

Azizi Developments has announced that its IT Transformation Program, which is part of its Digital Business Transformation Program, has achieved hard savings of 63 per cent as well as reduced its IT Cost per Employee from USD 2,831 to USD 2,051.

Dr Syed Mahsud Ali, Chief Information Officer at Azizi Developments, said: “Our IT Transformation Program was launched during the new-normal, but our team was already remarkably productive during the initial stages of the pandemic, as we were well prepared for the WFH (work from home) situation, allowing us to work outstandingly time- and cost-efficiently. We were successful in forecasting the impacts and the resulting needs of the pandemic, as well as the upcoming challenges, at least 3 weeks before the lockdown was actually implemented. This preparedness from an IT point-of-view enabled the entire organization to operate smoothly throughout, all while getting more work done at substantially lower costs.”

He added, “Effective communication through virtual means enabled us to expedite the process of planning and executing our projects accordingly. It also helped us keep track of the processes and enabled us to make sure everything done was in scope and in budget. We are pleased to announce that we also achieved an average project ROI of 29 per cent throughout this program.”

The transformational program consisted of six projects including cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity enhancements, information risk assessments, network operation centre scalability, and robotic process automation. It was designed to enhance the overall performance while mitigating the risks involved for a better performing year.

Azizi Developments Digital Business Transformation Program aims to enhance operational efficiency to improve both products and services for its investors and end-users. Those purchasing units from Azizi now benefit from faster turnaround and response times, enhanced convenience, higher ROIs on their properties, and more.