Cisco appointed to manage, operate and maintain Expo 2020 Dubai’s IT network

Cisco has been appointed to manage, operate and maintain Expo 2020 Dubai’s entire IT network representing one of the most advanced operations of its kind in the region.

Mohammed Alhashmi, Chief Technology Officer at Expo 2020 Dubai

As Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Premier Digital Network Partner, Cisco has already deployed its cutting-edge, intent-based network across the site, supporting the automation of IoT endpoints and contributing towards making Expo 2020 one of the smartest and most advanced World Expos in history.

In its new capacity as network operator, Cisco will now assume the critical responsibility of managing Expo 2020’s entire IP networking infrastructure – leading end-to-end Network Services Delivery across all Thematic Districts and pavilions, parks and arrival plazas, in addition to Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC), which will be co-located at the Expo site. The company’s appointment as network operator signifies a relationship of ongoing trust and alignment to ensure Expo 2020 Dubai sets the benchmark for all future events, both regionally and around the world.

Mohammed Alhashmi, Chief Technology Officer at Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “This latest announcement is a testament to Expo’s ongoing collaboration with Cisco, which only strengthens as we prepare to open our doors to the world on 1 October 2021. With the great trust we have placed in Cisco, given its reliability and expertise, we are confident that Expo 2020’s world-class digital infrastructure will deliver an unforgettable experience for millions of visitors.”

Committed to meticulously defining and integrating processes, Cisco is adopting a forward-thinking approach to design, in order to develop a state-of-the-art Network Monitoring and Management Center that will seamlessly manage and maintain intelligent network operations.

To ensure seamless and streamlined connectivity at the site, Cisco is managing a large-scale, fully integrated end-to-end Network Operating Center (NOC) for Expo 2020. The NOC will be handled by an extensive dedicated team, joining Cisco’s current workforce at the site, deploying and overseeing the management of state-of-the-art technology. Through the management of the intuitive network and a variety of automation processes, Cisco will illustrate its capacity and expertise in creating seamless collaboration and connectivity at large-scale events, powered by next-generation infrastructure.

Advanced IT service management tools will also enable complete monitoring of the smart network in real-time, including alerts integrated with Cisco’s portfolio of technology on-site. These alerts will empower the operating team to monitor and optimize network performance, as well as identify potential incidents and security threats ahead of time.

Cisco’s advanced infrastructure and real-time reporting will enable the NOC staff to swiftly evaluate and optimize services, evolving the network to support business systems more easily and efficiently. Through collaboration with other Expo operation centers, Cisco will increase engagement with visitors and partners, creating unique journeys and experiences throughout the event. Preparations are already well underway and Cisco’s dedicated workforce looks forward to collaborating with the Expo 2020 as one team to deliver an event of unprecedented scale and impact.